Monday, December 17, 2007

I was on 24 hour call overnight on Saturday and thus donned my usual ensemble of scrubs, sneaks, fleece sweatshirt, and the only part of my outfit where I get to have some fun, my socks. I own over 50 pairs of socks (less laundry!) and most are in some fashion of the pink argyle variety of Target. After years of experimenting with the different scrub sizes I've finally settled on medium mens scrub pants and medium ladies scrub tops. I find that this combo usually allows the greatest length of scrub legs with a manageable amount of crotch fabric. Unfortunately, there's still a huge variety in the length of scrub bottoms, such that the pair I was wearing on Saturday was a little shorter than usual. Also, it's the middle of winter, and I'm single and live alone, and thus, it's been approximately 6 years since I've shaved my legs and I'm growing a veritable forest down there, which I'd successfully managed to ignore until Saturday night when I sat down and crossed my legs, exposing a good 4 inches of freely flowing leg hair. I have got to shave my legs, like, HELLO I AM SUPPOSED TO BE ENGAGED IN 11 MONTHS NO TIME FOR AMATEUR NIGHT.

(I'm camped out at the computer "working" on a presentation I'm supposed to give on Thursday. I've almost started! And hence the rapidfire posting.)


Anonymous said...

ahh! i love your daily updates! they're super entertaining after a long day at the hospital :D

i'm considering doing ob/gyn and was wondering if you had any advice? i totally love the fact that you're both a surgeon and primary care doc, but oh the risks, the malpractice!

workingthemindandbody said...

I love how your mom has a deadline for your engagement. Have you seen "True Life: I'm having an arranged marriage" on MTV? It profiles three desi kids and one of the moms is like "You will be engaged by the end of the year". Hee

gabbiana said...

Goddamn, yeah, what is up with the scrubs and the massive crotches? If I put the crotch of the pants at my crotch, the waistband is all the way up under my breasts, but if I pull the waistband down to where it's supposed to be, the pants-crotch is a good five inches below my actual, you know, crotch. The hell? And then there's the whole flood-pants aspect you mentioned. I shave not all that often myself -- winter, alone, etc -- and my legs are pale and my hair is dark, and, uh, so I sympathize. That's all I'm saying: I understand.