Monday, December 10, 2007

I should also talk about what has prompted this recent exuberant renewal of vows with my blog. Lately I have felt extremely burnt out and like I'm losing sight of a world beyond writing endless notes, answering an infinite amount of pages, trying to straddle the egos of all those superior to me (which, when you are an intern, is MOTHERFUCKING EVERYONE), and never, ever seeing the sun. This is probably just intern winter blues but I needed to find my emotional outlet again, and here it is! Also, most of my friends are interns too, and I'm sure they're tired of hearing me cry about how the nurses call me "Dr. Peg" so much that I think they're making fun of me because HELLO PEG WE ARE ALL TIRED AND CRANKY INTERNS TOO SO SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY. (YOU BIG PANSY.)

So I made a list of the things I do enjoy about residency:

1. I LOVE getting to go home and not having to study. Well, uh, I guess I should be "learning stuff," but I'm just thankful I don't have a shelf exam to go home and study for. Med students: I feel for ya.

2. I like the camaraderie. The residents here are all superclose and get along great. (We have to. We are together ALL THE DAMN TIME. Like being in prison!)

3. I actually enjoy the hospital at night. It's kind of scary because many of the usual back-ups aren't as immediately available but there's an intimacy between the entire hospital staff at night (like, "Hey, this really sucks ass. Let's be friends and suffer together.")

4. I am losing weight! Not eating and not sleeping: works like a charm.


gabbiana said...

I am totally willing to be your emotional outlet if it means you will post. Post, Peg, post! TELL US THAT STORY ABOUT THE BABY-HOLE AGAIN.

Oh, I feel your pain about the no-daylight thing. Except that it's even worse in the Midwest, I betcha; at least here on the east coast the sun occasionally *comes out* between November and May, and sometimes I'm close enough to a window to see it. For three whole minutes, even!


Anyway. Good to know that there's at least one intern out there who thinks things get better, not worse, once medical school is over.

Anonymous said...

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