Friday, December 14, 2007

I have no linear train of thought here but wanted to make sure I documented the following thoughts somewhere because they are priceless:

1. Seasonal affect disorder? Who, me? No, because RSVPing for a party and then boycotting it because the host writes back asking "Thanks, Peg. Will it be you + 1 or just you?" IS TOTALLY REASONABLE GODDAMMIT. (In my defense, that "JUST YOU" was completely fucking accusatorial and I refuse to justify it with a response because it made me feel like a loser for like an entire 48 hours.)

2. My dad isn't much of a phone talker but there are certain instances where social niceties call for your phone presence, such as, oh, WHEN YOUR DAUGHTER CALLS TO WISH YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

S: Happy birthday dad!

D: Uh-huh. Remember, this is the guy who thinks it's stupid to celebrate birthdays because "you're just one year closer to YOUR DEATH." Uplifting, no? So what did you do at work today?

S: Well I got to scan a baby with anencephaly which was kinda neat--

D: Interrupting. Ok whatever. Talk to your mom now.

Really. I'm not joking. The really funny thing is, when my dad asks a question that requires some long rambly answer I know it's because he's watching TV or at the computer and the "Ok whatever" comes out when he thinks he's listened long enough. Parenting! (Happy birthday Daddy!)

3. Shanmugam is considering pursuing a career in Urology. Except he doesn't know if he "can look at penis and balls all day long. But if I could, it'd be great."

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Anonymous said...

these are totally priceless!! as for my comments, well, not so much:

1. even if you were offended for just 48 SECONDS, your reaction was completely reasonable. who in their right mind phrases a question that way??

2. wow, that's crazy...i thought only my father did stuff like that. i don't think mine ever heard the end of any of my sentences. so now i just stick with phrases and fragments.

3. so it's kinda been a while...did he decide on Urology? and if so, is it, um, 'great'? that's just TOO much...did he even realize how that sounded...later?