Monday, December 10, 2007

Hey!! Yeah you!! Come back -- I'll try to be funnier!!!

OK! So I know it's been about, oh, FIVE YEARS since the last time I deigned to share my very important thoughts with the Internet, but I decided today that IT IS TIME TO GET MY SHIT TOGETHER. (I've actually been saying that since February of 2004, when I had to give myself daily pep talks/instill the fear of God into myself to study for the boards.) But really guys - NOW. IT IS TIME. FOR THE SHIT. TO COME TOGETHER.

So...residency! Heck yeah dude it's a BLAST! Well, it's mostly a blast. Ok, it can be a blast on occasion. What I mean is, there are occasional hilarious moments intermixed with moments of incredible stress and unbelievable amounts of adrenaline such that you can actually feel your stomach dropping out of your rectum. Exhilarating! Actually, it's not too bad. I'm surviving just fine. Not just surviving, NAY!! Succeeding, even! Well... probably just surviving.

Ok, so where to begin? There have been many, many legendary moments thus far in residency. I've twice been asked now where I "get my weave," I've had to explain the differences in poop-hole, pee-hole, and baby-hole to at least 5 different laboring patients, all 12 years of age (yep, had to draw pictures and everything. Changed their lives.), and, I enjoyed one too many libations one night, fell on the way home and gave myself a "high grade dorsal ligament sprain," and ended up in an aircast for 6 weeks (all through the duration of gyn onc. Fun!).

It actually wasn't toooootally unattractive though:

See? So fetching! In an attractive "neutral stone" shade. What could be sexier than a woman strutting about in that? NOTHING. My bootfoot and I even attended 2 weddings together!

Allow me to bring you up to speed on a few things
-- After long and painful discussion, my family and I decided to put Reflux to sleep. He had awful arthritis which was giving him painful constant kyphosis, and he also fell on his L shoulder and developed an abcess that just wouldn't heal. After a few nights of him not even being able to sleep because he was in so much pain, my mom and dad took him to the vet. I really wanted to see him before he went so I drove home on a Monday night just to see him. As my dad said, "He gave everything and asked for nothing." (He then proceeded to tell my mom, "I couldn't be more upset if one of my real kids died." Uh...thanks dad.) Rest in peace, my dear sweet little teddy bear-faced friend.

- Residency has made me realize that I am both much smarter and much dumber than I previously thought. I know. It's like a Zen thing.

- I am still single. My boot is shocked too.

Ok! So that's it for now! I promise to be a little more consistent, and to call when I actually say I will, and etc. It's nice to be back!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Peg! Awesome to see you writing again, you're one of my favourite blogs of all time. Sorry to hear about Reflux, but I think you made the right decision. Looking forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

rest in peace reflux.

so glad you're back dr. peg! i just finished my ob/gyn rotation and loved it (totally unexpected!)

gabbiana said...


I'm so sorry about Reflux. I don't know what else to say; it sucks, and you guys did the right thing. But you already knew that. (Hug.)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

You're back!!!

We are still living semi-parallel lives. I'm still single too but I've decided this is definitely going to be my year. Best of luck with the rest of residency.

punchberry said...

I'm so sorry to hear about reflux, and so glad that your blog is back.

Gautham said...

It's good to have you back. My job has been a bit more boring without your weekly medical misadventures.

Also, I tried facebooking you, but I probably came across as a creepy stalker. So sorry for that if you've taken to keeping a baseball bat by the door these days.

Ivor said...

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