Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First: Aw. Ya'll are sweet :) I am there for you also. In the words of Rihanna, You can stand under my umbrella. Ella. Ella.

Secondly, another awesome Parental Intervention into my Lovelife (or Lack Thereof) [PILLoLT]!

(Wait, first, let me just say that I've been watching the A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila marathon on MTV and HOLY SHIT. Actually, the show gets more substantial as the dumber contestants leave, and now with only the 2 left, more and more frequently the people on the show say things that make me think maybe they're not all complete idiots.)


My mother has gotten it into her head that I will be engaged by next November. I'm not sure how this deadline was set (November! Month of Romance!), or why 2008 shall be the year that Peg finds her Life Partner, or why my mom has reached desperation mode so prematurely but they are on the lookout. Single men: BEWARE. My mother will find you and force my biodata on you.

Anyway, the latest winner they scrounged up was a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, ("I do mostly tummy tucks") whose parents they apparently knew. I know... EW. BUT -- it had the potential of fulfilling my most recent intern fantasy of becoming a Lady Who Lunches and does absolutely no work. My other intern fantasy involves being able to stop time and take a nap. Seriously -- if I had one wish, it would be to stop time. Not so I could do anything spectacular. Just so I could nap. Another intern fantasy involves a big, fluffy bed that could magically be teleported anywhere. ANYWAY.

So IDMTT kept calling me, and I wasn't really feeling any "special connections" over the phone, but then IDMTT wanted to meet anyway. I was on onc at the time, so I had one day off a week, but IDMTT was READY FOR BUSINESS - he decided to fly in that very same weekend. I was a bit taken aback, but then I decided that if he was indeed my Life Partner than WE SHAN'T WASTE ANOTHER SECOND WITHOUT EACH OTHER. So I went in on Saturday to round, and his flight was supposed to get in at 3 pm. I came home around noon and promptly passed out watching TV on my couch. IDMTT called around 1 pm explaining that he missed his flight and now wouldn't be getting in until 8. He profusely apologized for "cutting short the amount of time we'd have together" but I was secretly thrilled to be able to extend my little nap.

Ya'll, I'm so tired but I'll have to continue this story later. All of a sudden I'm overcome with a wave of exhaustion but I don't want to renege on my words from yesterday so I'll post this incomplete story with the promise to finish story. You don't have to tell me I blow goats. I already know.


Anonymous said...

Argh! Cliffhanger? Noooooooo.

Oh wells, its still 1 million times better than no blog at all!

working said...

I am dying to know the rest!

gabbiana said...

Dude, that keeps hanging to me, the "so-tired-I-can-no-longer-move, falling-asleep-in-5-4-3-2-zzzz" moments. I am *old.* And I hate surgery.

Johnathan said...

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