Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hi everybody! Sorry about the delay here!! I'm still getting accustomed to, uh, having a steady job and whatnot, thus explaining the tumbleweed around these parts.

Next week I switch over to obstetrics which should be fun (Yay!! Babies!!) but also terrifying (OMIGODBABIES). So far work has been exactly my speed but I have a feeling I'm about to be bowled over. I have resolved to make a more concerted effort at posting, though. You're welcome.

So, hmm, yes, hot-button medical issues and social commentary. But first: embarassing stories about my lovelife!

I had vacation 2 weeks ago, and it was all very nice, all laundry-home-sleeping 14 hours a day-watching TV-couch-pajamas-not-showering and then during the latter half of the week I went to California to see VCAE. I was pretty nervous about the trip, given the disasters that have recently comprised my lovelife, but I'm happy to report that it was officially: not terrible! There was wine-tasting, and hiking, and double dates with his friends, then with my friends, and shopping (where OMIGOD he bought things on my recommendation) and most of all, Planet Earth on DVD and quality time on the couch, which cemented the bond of nerdliness we share.

Thus leading up to the embarassing story: on Saturday after having dinner out with some of my friends we returned to his apartment to get ready to go out that night. I was flipping through a magazine on the couch and he was in the kitchen doing the dishes when I realized my right eye felt a little itchy. I kept scratching it then finally asked him if my eye looked okay because it felt a little weird.

VCAE walked over and his face was completely expressionless. "Uh...it's ..just a little bit swollen."

"Swollen? Wait, let me go look at it in the bathroom mirror."

"Hold on, hold on. I think you need to sit for a minute. It's really not that bad, but it might be a little...surprising. Seriously, sit down. I'll bring you a compact so you can look at it."

VCAE brings over one of my compacts and gingerly hands it over. My right eyelid is swollen to the size of a golf ball and occluding 80% of my right eye. Yes, I'm sure it was all very sexy.


"It's ok, you're ok. I really think it'll be ok."


This very lovely story ends with VCAE making me hold an ice pack to my eye for an hour and a half while he called his dad, an ER attending, who diagnosed me with "bug bite" and told me to use Benadryl when I was ready to go to bed. It was really a fun way for me to meet his dad.

The swelling returned to normal overnight but the sweetest part of the story was when he confessed that he cleaned his apartment from floor to ceiling in preparation for my arrival and felt so terrible when I got bitten by something there that he put bug spray on all the plants on his patio to make sure no bugs could find their way into his apartment to attack me again.


working said...

Awww, it sounds like you had a nice trip pre-bug bite. Did the swelling go down? How do you like St Louis?

doctorsquared said...

He sounds so sweet! My lip (and much of my face) swelled up once as an allergic reaction to anti-viral Kleenex the night before the Ex's graduation - I made him go to Walgreen's at 3 a.m. to get me Benadryl :).

Lizard said...

I love it when you post!! It pleases me greatly and makes me smile (-: Lizard, Your Official Date to All Weddings

gabbiana said...

Aww, he sounds like a Nice Boy, what with the not-flipping-out and stuff. Plus, if you GET MARRIED (and now I will sound like your mom), you will have a Cute Story to tell your kids. I believe Cute Stories are absolutely essential to a good relationship. Or, uh, to making everyone around you jealous. WHICHEVER.

ZenDenizen said...

Great anecdote, he sounds like a keeper :)

punchberry said...

Aaah, I love that he was so nurturing to you. Very sweet.

I am allergic to mangos, a fact that I found out right before my senior prom, as my lips swelled to such a gigantous size that my vision was compromised. Aah, memories that will last a lifetime.

David G said...

you suck at posting

Anonymous said...

I agree. The lad's a keeper. :-)

Jonah said...

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