Monday, June 11, 2007

You can't seen this right now, but I'm curled up in the fetal position and sucking my thumb. Residency started today, benignly enough, with orientation, but it was the devastating and horribly shitty disaster at home that sort of left me all traumatized: I went home to discover that one of the discs sent to me by my new employer meant to train me in the new electronic medical record corrupted my hard drive and caused a permanent, fatal error in my computer. Painful as it is losing your computer, all your research, photos, files, etc, it gets even worse: I was supposed to finish an ACLS training course I had installed on my computer over the course of tonight and tomorrow night. I took the disc to my friend's lab thinking maybe I could just reinstall it and do all my work over again in time for the skills portion on Wednesday. Of course, turns out you can only install the disc on one machine, so it wouldn't let me reinstall the disc on this other computer. After bursting into tears AGAIN, I decided things weren't that bad. If I can get another copy of the disc tomorrow I'll just work on it all night and finish the training on Wednesday. And the fact that my apartment is a fucking disaster right now (boxes, clothes, and shit everywhere because my dresser, bookshelves, and couch aren't here yet) doesn't exactly help. I am just a total stress ball right now. And yeah, not having a computer kind of really sucks ass.