Monday, May 07, 2007

So I dragged myself and my computer to the library to work some thangs, and right after I had neatly arranged my Starbucks coffee, laptop, colored pens, stack of research articles, clipboard and cell phone, I received a phone call from another incoming intern to my program in St. Louis. I was curious and asked the innocent little first year medical student in the corral next to me to watch my things while I strolled outside for what I thought would be a short conversation.

When I returned ONE HOUR later, he shot me a really nasty look, packed up his stuff and left. I felt hugely guilty about making some guy I don't know sit there and watch my computer when he clearly planned to leave the library some time ago, but I am also very surprised by how sweet he was to actually stay there until I returned. I would have just left. Not out of spite, but probably because I would have forgotten that I was supposed to be watching something. Responsibility!


Ennis said...

I think you owe him a date. To give the other guy a bit of competition.

square peg said...

Ha! I'm trying to reward him, not punish him! :D

Dwain said...

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