Saturday, May 05, 2007

Presenting a Thesis: Part WOO HOO

So, it is done! I presented my thesis, and I wasn't too embarassed by my lack of knowledge, and everyone clapped, and then it was over! A 30-minute talk doesn't seem like much, but if you're deathly afraid of the public speaking as I am, it is quite arrythmia-inducing. Which reminds me - I will tell the story of me unceremoniously presenting my research to a committee of Very Smart Faculty Members around this time one year ago some other time. (Prepare to be dazzled.)

Anywho, I was sitting in my room going over my talk when Shanmugam walked into my room and casually asked me what I was eating for lunch. Instead of just answering the question I exploded into a 7-minute long tirade about FUCK POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS and isn't it enough that I turned the goddamn paper in already, why do I have to READ IT OUT LOUD to people now? FUCK THEIR QUESTIONS THEY SHOULD ALL BE ANSWERED IN MY PAPER WHY CAN'T THEY JUST LET ME FESTER IN MY SENIORITIS. Anyway he left and then I heard him calling out to me 30 minutes later, "So are you still all upset or are you ready to talk about lunch yet?"

After my talk I came home and napped, fretted more about moving to St. Louis, then had Killer Margaritas with some friends, returned home a little while ago to discover my very first call schedule in my inbox -- EEEEEEIUUUUUUUGHHHHHH. There's just something about seeing your name forlornly sitting in an empty calendar box designating that you are ward bitch for that 24 hour period that is just really disheartening. I should stop thinking so much about how I will make friends and where I'll go out in St. Louis and how I will find guys to date BECAUSE I WON'T HAVE A LIFE ANYWAY SO WHO CARES IF ST. LOUIS IS THE CRIME CAPITAL OF THE COUNTRY.

Tomorrow is our overnight Milwaukee bachelorette party mini-adventure! Details and incriminating photos to follow.


chick pea said...

um.. also, not to be a downer, your field is full of you won't be hanging around boys most of your years...

intern year sucks, no matter waht.. but to be honest, it was the best year of my reidency training...we used to hang out, on call, post call, pre call, and go out every night duirng intern year... actually that was the year i dated the MOST ;).. nothing like getting hit on in the ER by the othre specialties ;).

Anonymous said...

I met my husband when he was an intern and he made time to see me, so you never know!

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