Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One more. I swear. Then I'm over it.

HOHOPIS. Oh yeah. This rant's not over yet.

MESSAGE FOR ALL MEN: If you don't plan on calling a woman again, DO NOT. TELL HER. YOU WILL. See, I know you THINK you're being all non-confrontational while quietly backing out with your hands outstretched in the surrender position if you reconcile the move by tossing out an, "I'll call you!" but really? It creates ALL KINDS OF CRAZY PISSED-OFFEDNESS, AKIN TO WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE RIGHT NOW. AND IN MY BRAIN.

Moreover, it's patronizing. And motherfucking rude. If a woman really is psycho, do you REALLY think that planting that stalk of hope is a good thing? I would SO MUCH prefer a man to be like, "It was great meeting you. I had fun" AND JUST FUCKING STOP RIGHT THERE. Don't offer me the concilation prize. Asshole.

I thought about it a little today and I decided that what HOHOPIS did was inexcusably rude. As part of my new kick to not kiss men's asses to protect their fragile egos, I felt an overwhelming urge to send him a text telling him exactly what I thought of him, and his PORSCHE, and his STUPID FANCY SOULLESS JOB, and his OVERPRICED PLACE IN SOHO, and how he was probably using them to hide his total LACK OF PERSONALITY and SOCIAL GRACE (not to mention game), but I was a good little monkey and resisted the urge. Plus, I deleted his number right out of my phone yesterday, because I am prone to sending incredibly damaging text messages when I lose my temper.

This all lead to a fun conversation I had with Shanmugam:


S: I would suggest that you NOT do that. No matter what you say, you're going to look like a big psycho.

R: Brooding.

S: Besides, I've definitely sent that ill-advised text before. And next thing you know, they actually did like you. But now they don't anymore. Because you're psycho.

Heh. I'll try to get the details on the gem of a story THAT is sure to be at another time.

Countdown to graduation: THREE DAYS!!


Ganesh said...

just to let you in on something: since the guy is from nyc, chances are good that he's familiar with PUA (pickup artist) techniques, one of which is called negging. look it up. chances are that you've been negged, because you're certainly giving him the attention he's seeking, which is what negging does. point is, you're being played. let it wash over you. he sounds like an ass.

Anonymous said...


why do you rant so?


square peg said...

I'll get over it when I'm ready to, thanks.

Anonymous said...

anonymous above-
STFU! Rupa's blog is funny and charming...here rants aren't bitchy and self-aggrandizing...she just uses humor to highlight everyday situations that we face. If you have a problem, stop reading!

Scarlett said...

Over the past week I have learnt that boys are dumb creatures that deserve to be locked up in cages....

Anonymous said...

I had a desi guy do that once. He never called after visiting me and I never called him. Oh well, his loss! You'll find someone better suited to you who knows how to eat.

Story of life said...

sounds absoloutely awful. His loss. what is it with some guys anyways, that makes them think they can treat girls like that????