Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nursing a Hangover

Welcome back! To me! Much Advil, a 6 hour nap, and lots of sweatpants and couchtime later, I'm feeling almost normal!

Pictures! Eyes have been blacked out in a lame attempt to protect everyone's identity.

The evening started out innocently enough: all of us went to a bead shop and made necklaces for ourselves! It was actually quite fun and I was superexcited about my necklace and wished to put it on immediately.

And then -- oh my goodness.

And, we made Dr. Engaged wear a white tank top and collect guys' phone numbers. She ended up with 20 - nice job!

HOHOPIS Update: When we spoke today he said he was coming out to Chicago in a few weeks! I was filling Shanmugam in on the plans and he just said this seems like a terrible idea. I kind of also think we are headed for a place that is not good, but I'm not really sure if there's an alternative more graceful or subtle way to go about this. What am I going to do with him all weekend? Also, I feel like I might be a little low-rent for this guy. I've thought all along that we live in 2 totally different worlds, and today when he was telling me about his Porsche (!!!) and how he's saving for a boat I didn't really have much to contribute to the conversation. So I said something about how he might look cool in his Porsche but does it have butt-warmers like my Honda? At least I can make him laugh. Maybe he'll like having a long-distance clown.


Ennis said...

You're the best long distance clown a guy could have. I just don't hear you having much in common with him.

Nursing tank said...

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