Thursday, May 03, 2007

My 15-year old cousin discovered me on Facebook and left the following message on my wall:
OMGOSH...u have a faceboooookk! *spaz*

yay =)
Was I like this when I was her age?! I think, probably, yes, but I was such a super-nerd that I even took notes in complete sentences. Either way, I feel old. What really made me feel old was after dining out with 5 other people at the dining room at Kendall College last night. All of us got the prix fixe menu and we still needed a calculator to split the bill at the end of the night. I used to like, DO CALCULUS and whatnot. I used to know how to synthesize ozone! I can't do math anymore. (But I CAN recite Ranson's criteria forward and back! So useful!)

Anyway, I'm supposed to be presenting my thesis tomorrow, so I've been consistently parked in front of my computer getting ready for that. Hence the daily posting! You're welcome.

UPDATE: Just returned from getting my eyebrows done and was informed by my facebook newsfeed that my cousin (again, FIFTEEN) joined the "hey underaged facebookers - go back to myspace!" group. When you're 15, who is "underage"?


Anonymous said...

Love the daily entries, please keep them coming :)

chick pea said...

*spazz* *EEEK*

p.s. you'll do fine. no need to park.

gabbiana said...

G'luck on the thesis presentation! And then you are free?

Anonymous said...

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