Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Last night I watched Game 2 of the Bulls-Pistons series with my brother and his friends. I think his friends were really confused as to what I was doing there and why I was asking all kinds of dumb questions, so I had to explain that St. Louis is a HUGE sports city (moreso than even Chicago, in my opinion, because there are fewer other things to do) and I'm trying to "learn sports" before I move down there.

There was a time when I was addicted to basketball but that was in high school, and then I ignored it for about 8 years, and now I'm back. As one of the guys said, "It's incredible. You have this amazingly detailed knowledge of the game circa 1998, and then there's just this huge gap in your knowledge. It's like you have amnesia."

I was asking all kinds of questions and Shanmugam, who was intently concentrating on the game got all irritated because I was "ruining the experience" and told me to just go to ESPN and read a bunch of the basketball articles.

R: But isn't it more fun to just talk things through? I will remember it better.


And thus, I was prompted to use this old Amazon gift certificate I had to purchase the entire sports for dummies series.

HOHOPIS Update: I know this is getting obnoxious, but I was endlessly charmed by a text he sent me yesterday: "For an ice cream cone: What is the capital of North Dakota? No cheating." I thought about it and sent back the opinion that it was either Bismarck or Pierre, I could never keep those 2 straight, and I knew a great place on Michigan Avenue where he could make good on that offer. Text flirting! I love it.


Ashwin said...

Wow, haha I have the same experience with my friends and basketball. I always bring up some kind of trivia from like 7-8 years ago, guess thats what happens if you dont watch for a while. I'm catching up slowly though .

Anonymous said...

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