Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's Over!!

So graduation is over! It was really anti-climactic.

(Hi, this is Liz. Peg is on the phone, so I would like to take this opportunity to say YEAH BUDDY, WE ARE DOCTORS! And Peg is super-buena.)

Ok, I'm back. So yeah...graduation. It was at Navy Pier, which was super-swanky and whatnot, despite the fact that the pier is about 8 miles long and I, in typical fashion, was running embarassingly late, so I had to speed walk all the way down in my heels with my graduation gown flapping all over the place. People kept asking me if I was emotional, which I definitely WAS NOT - I have no romantic nostalgia about medical school, much of which is just hazing. Afterwards there was a reception with an open bar, and my biggest challenge there was hiding my TOTAL INTOXICATION from my parents. They were actually really cool and left early so I could "spend time with my friends." Thusly, I ended up recouping roughly half of my tuition in Jack and Ginger.

My mom especially was just hyper-excited about the whole event. She and my dad arrived really late on Thursday night and then insisted that Liz and I decorate the apartment for my graduation party last night. There's really no way to say no to my mom, so we ended up spending 2 hours taping mini paper graduation hats to the ceiling. Last night after the ceremony we ended up catering dinner from an Indian restaurant and having a bunch of people over to the apartment. My girlfriends and I all sequestered ourselves in my bedroom, where I proceeded to drink a water bottle of vodka. Yep, I went from "lady who lunches" to "lady who loses her lunch." It was hugely immature but as I see it, that was probably the last time ever I can get away with acting like a 17-year old. Y'know, "professionalism" and whatnot.

I wasn't emotional at all (in fact I usually hate all this forced celebration) but this afternoon I went to another classmate's graduation reception/birthday party for his 3-year old niece, and many of my close friends and classmates were there, several of whom I also went to college with and have known for years. We were being incredibly silly and were getting more excited about the party favors than the toddlers were. In my goody bag I received a hand puppet, a gold crown, and a princess party hat, all of which I immediately donned. My friends were all acting similarly goofy, and I couldn't tell if my friend's family was getting a kick out of us or just wondering who the hell thought it fit to confer MDs on us. I was looking around then as we were all taking pictures of ourselves resplendent in our party gear and I got really sad thinking that the era of my life when it was ok to be young and stupid was ending. Also, there will never be a time when we'll all be together and carefree like this again. Ok, I was getting super-sappy and that was my cue to switch to water and possibly take a long walk, which I did. But..yay! Life is good. I am happy.

Square Peg, MD


working said...

Congratulations Dr. Square Peg!

tamasha said...


Scarlett said...

Congrats Square Peg! I'll be facing the same thing next year (provided my exams in the next couple of weeks go as planned :P)

maisnon said...

Yeah!! Congratulations!!

Rohin said...

Hey R, many congrats! Been a long time since I visited, I shall now pore over your last few months of postage.

I remember the feeling of getting those two letters in front of your name well, I can't believe 10months has already gone by. All I can say is enjoy your hol before you start working...everything changes after that!

gabbiana said...

Woo-hoo! Congratulations, Dr. Peg!

Ennis said...

Are you going to change your credit cards so that they now say "Dr. Square Peg"? I knew somebody who swore it got him much better tables in restaurants, although why you had to put it on the card as opposed to just saying it when you made a reservation, I don't know.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to go to my sister's grad next year.

I was sworn in to my IL bar on Navy Pier and I thought it was a fantabulous location.

Redspiral said...

Congratulations, you are bad ass and deserve every second of sweet, sweet reward for your many accomplishments!

I bow to you, Oh Superior Being! :)

I hope I see the other side of med school graduation someday! :D

Humphrey said...

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