Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A few weeks ago a close friend and I went on a kick-ass road trip through alot of them big square states out west. I lost my digital camera in a big messy party after the match, so I borrowed my younger brother's. When I brought it back and returned it to him, we discovered that somehow over the course of the trip I had broken it. (Seriously. Do yourself a favor and never lend me anything.)

I finally took it to the camera shop today and they told me it would cost $175 to repair it. I asked if there was anything I could do to try and fix it myself and the very helpful guy behind the counter said since I'd probably just want to buy myself a newer more sleeker one anyway at this point, it wouldn't hurt to get my fingernails in there and see if I could dislodge some sand or knock some dust of whatever wasn't working.

That sounded like the dumbest idea I'd ever heard in my whole entire life, so I brought it home and let Shanmugam do it, right after I'd told him that I'd buy him a nice new one once I got my first paycheck. Seeing as how I'd have to buy myself one too. Maybe I could get a bulk discount or something.

But voila! He "fixed" it! And thus I was able to retrieve all the inspiring photos from my road trip. You're welcome.

I cannot even express the anxiety this picture represents for me. I was up all night right before we left trying to finish my thesis, and I still had to make my revisions on the road.
Some dude got arrested when we stopped for gas. That was indeed inspirational.
We spent one night at Luxor in Las Vegas, and there was tons of construction happening in the hotel and we got all turned around trying to find our room, and we stumbled upon this little flock of Christmas trees, all wrapped up and waiting for December.

After Las Vegas we drove through Nevada and a little triangle of Arizona before arriving at Zion National Park in Utah. It was absolutely breathtaking. I would totally go back there for a camping trip.

I took about a zillion pictures here because I was so impressed with the canyon, but looking back now the pictures do it absolutely no justice.
Neither of us were dressed or equipped for some nature-ing but we decided to see if we could cross this river anyway.

I spotted a trail of rocks all the way across and thought with some careful maneuvering I might be able to make it across in one piece. This photo was taken roughly 4 seconds before I fell in the river.
Here my pants are totally soaked, and my feet are all swollen and puffy from being immersed in ice-cold water.
Uh... thanks for the warning.

We climbed up this rock formation, and it was totally awesome. This little waterfall comes over the top when there's a ton of rainfall, but in the meantime the slow constant trickle of water over the ages had carved out this huge recess in the stone. It was incredible.

Later we went out to eat at this very cute restaurant near the canyon. I had some authetic Utah-ian beer.

This amused me to no end. I'm sure my friend wanted to kill me when I tried to video myself drinking the beer.
Shanmugam ran into my room to excitedly announce that the camera worked, and I didn't believe it for a second. He took this picture of me as I was forming my mouth around the word "Idiot."

And, some pics from graduation...
This is right after the champagne toast with the Dean. My parents refused to let me take the stupid gown off despite the fact that I was overheating under there. And LOOK WHAT THAT STUPID HAT DID TO MY CAREFULLY COIFFED HAIR. Stupid hat.

See? So pretty from the back! The hood looks oddly like an orifice though.

At some point during my own graduation party (which I was too drunk to fully participate in), I wandered out of my room where I was sequestered with my friends for some pictures with the fam. My mother must have shunted me right back into my room right after this though, because I barely even remember being out there. My family is big.

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Anita said...

This is really weird. I go to your medical school, and I went to college with a girl in your family pic. How do brown people always have some sort of connection??