Friday, May 04, 2007

As much as indentured servitude is going to suck, there's just something so wonderful and awesome about the fact that I WILL NEVER BE A FUCKING STUDENT AGAIN and it is just orgasmically sweeeet. I mean, the thought of having real, actual responsibility scares the living shit out of me, but knowing that I will NEVER HAVE TO STAY UP ALL NIGHT DOING HOMEWORK EVER AGAIN that is totally awesome. Ok, and yes, I know I will be taking call and staying up all night like every 4th night for the next 4 years so I should just suck it up now, just shut up.

And I know I am totally fixated on residency lately (I'm sure it must be just enthralling for ya'll to hear about all my conflicted inner angst); Shanmugam noted that when I talk nonstop about someone/thing, it either means I have a huge crush on them or am really, really anxious about it. I am not attracted to residency at all so that must mean I am really effin' stressed about it.

Anyway, my presentation isn't til tomorrow afternoon so I'm just adding a few slides and coming up with a script. I've got the TV on to keep me company and usually I'll just leave it on Lifetime, WE, or Oxygen, but tonight I left it on USA, for some reason, and they're showing The Cell, which oh holy mother of god they need to broadcast some sort of epilepsy warning before airing that shit. I was all typing happily on my computer and sipping my coffee and then I looked up and OH GOOD GOD WHAT IS THAT SCARY GOAT MAN DOING TO VINCE VAUGHN - is he...OH GOOD LORD. He is somehow slowly disembowling him and winding his entrails on some sort of rotisserie roaster. I am repulsed, yet can't look away.
I quickly flip back over to the Lifetime movie channel. At this time of night I much prefer feel-good women-oriented movies about plucky single moms overcoming adversity or darn-fool kids having unprotected sex and getting pregnant, or this gem, about a young woman who grows up with loving but drug-addicted parents and against all odds, goes to Harvard! Clearly, my version of sundowning is just turning into a hugely emotional sap who likes crappy TV.

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