Wednesday, May 09, 2007

After spending a few hours at the library again today writing up my research from last year, I hopped over to Macy's for their One Day Sale, and let me just say that days like today are how I will justify buying this with my very first paycheck. (My preciousssss. *Drool* And yeah, I know it's the most excessive ridiculous bag ever, and I'll spend the rest of the month proudly stroking my bag whilst subsiding on canned corn bought in bulk at Costco and the free coffee supplied by my apartment building.)

I picked up this Michael Kors dress for LESS THAN $20! Those who know me know that I often shell out for something I know I will NEVER wear, because I CANNOT RESIST A BARGAIN especially on the pretty, pretty clothes. I blame my genes. (I'm looking in your direction, MOM.) The dress is very pretty, very flowy and A-line, and I scored the last in my size so I was SUPER-psyched, though I was highly suspicious and pawed and sniffed all over it to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with it. I can't think of any event swanky/trashy enough to warrant me trotting the girls out on display as this dress seems wont to do, so it will hang in my closet forever, gently swathed in plastic, except when I occasionally don it to feel a bit more glamorous as I sit on the couch with a bowl of potato chips to watch my stories. (Yes. I do this.)
Also, is it just me or does that model's body language indicate that she is either extremely pissed off or just really needs to...unclench. Something. Either way, she is doing the dress no justice. She's standing such that the A-line skirt unattractively resembles gaucho pants. WHICH I WOULD NEVER WEAR. My ass looks big enough without the assistance of gaucho pants, thanks. It's so fun to say, though. GOW-CHO PANTS. Hee.

I also scored this fun red sweater (also by Michael Kors) for about $9, which was approximately 90% off the retail price. There was also another MK sweater, red and white striped with jewelled buttons which was less than $9.

Sorry to bore ya'll, but discount shopping is like, my number one favorite activity in the whole world. All of the savings released a GIGANTIC rush of endorphins and I've been walking on air all day long. (Yes, yes, you needn't lecture me, I understand that CLOTHES DO NOT EQUAL LOVE, just let me bask in my endorphins, mkay?)


Working said...

That dress is cute! It's a good all-purpose dress for places where you're not sure what to wear.

Anonymous said...

hey square peg, just wondering if you ever seen oprah live, since you live in chicago and all?

Working said...

Not square peg, but I have!

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