Monday, April 30, 2007


In response to questions I've been receiving about the photos of Reflux, it's not that my parents like to see him in awkward positions. He'll wander into an awkward position, attempt to extricate himself, find himself unable to move, bark for a while, then fall asleep.

A close friend who's getting married in June is having her bachelorette party this Saturday night so a few of us went down to the sex shops on Belmont to pick out party favors for her. I have never seen such a wide and dazzling assortment of dildos in my life.

Despite my hungoverness, I woke up at asscrack on Saturday and drove down to St. Louis to look at a few apartments. I need to just get over the fact that I lucked into a beautiful apartment in Chicago and I'll never live so nicely again. Much like I'm resigned to the fact that my social life will be nonexistent through intern year, I need to get used to the fact that I'll be living in a hovel.

And a good friend of mine in college who lives in NYC met a "really nice Indian guy" who's a friend of the guy she was dating at the time. He asked her if she had any Indian friends she could set him up with, so OF COURSE she sent him my picture and my phone number. She called me immediately after this encounter asking me to try and be open-minded and nice because "he owns his own place in Soho and is willing to have a long-distance relationship. Seriously, if he was Jewish I'd be all over it." (You know how I'm always complaining about how I'm turning into my mother? Turns out my friends are turning into my mother as well.)

I forgot all about it until he called on Saturday afternoon when I was with some friends in St. Louis and we actually had a nice (though somewhat awkward) conversation. He's from one of those big square states I've neve been to, which is a major plus -- I really gravitate towards people from the midwest because they're so down to earth. (Which is funny, because I myself am not usually described as "down to earth.") My conversation with HeOwnsHisOwnPlaceInSoho was cut short Saturday due to presence of others in the car and ensuing awkwardness, so I told him I'd call him back. Yesterday I left a voicemail for HOHOPIS and he called back 5 minutes later and we chatted for 45 minutes. It was actually rather pleasant - we talked about our childhoods in the rural midwest, listening to old, old Indian music on long car trips with the p-units, visiting India, how we'd both like to go on safari to Africa, and his love of guns and hunting.

Wait a minute. HIS LOVE OF GUNS AND HUNTING? I have done my fair share of shootin' rifles and handguns in a controlled environment at a shooting range, but this does not jive well with me. HOHOPIS is also 6 or 7 years older than me so he obviously has had way more life experiences, but our lives are very, very different. The world of finance is one that I just don't understand, and when he was talking about his job and his summershare in the Hamptons for the first time in my life I totally felt like a little country mouse. We ended the conversation with us talking about my impending move to St. Louis, him professing his love for "second tier American cities," me telling him that he might like St. Louis, and him saying that a good friend of his from business school recently moved to STL and "she and her husband love it so I should put you in touch with her and maybe come visit you all sometime."

Then he had to go because he was having some friends over for a barbecue and was all stoked to roll out some astroturf he had bought to lay out on the rooftop so they could simulate being on grass. I love dorky stuff like that, along with the fact that he's a self-proclaimed nerd, which I find really charming. I called Laura later to give her an update and she was very pleased with her matchmaking efforts. "Your mom is going to be so happy with me."

R: I know. She'll probably offer you Shanmugam's hand in marriage.

L: And I forgot to mention -- he dresses really nice too! Although, now that I've got you thinking he's all GQ when you meet him he'll probably be dressed like a dork. So it's probably best not to expect too much from him when it comes to clothes.

R: Giggling. Will do.

I have the distinct feeling that HOHOPIS wants to get serious fast; not necessarily with me, but that he is definitely looking for a long-term relationship to start, like, yesterday. I mentioned it to my mother and she became SUPEREXCITED.

R: Mom, Laura set me up with a friend of a friend and we've talked on the phone a few times. He's educated and seems nice and funny, but he lives in NYC.

M: Do you have his biodata?

R: Uh, no, I don't have his biodata.

Mom: He should come visit you in Chicago before you go. You know this city and could show him around!

R: I'm moving away in less than a month, mom. I think we should just talk and see what happens.

M: You should invite him here for graduation and then we can all meet him together!

R: Barely containing laughter. Mom, you know I love you but THAT IS APESHIT CRAZY.

M: You should really try and meet him before residency starts though.

R: I think so too, and he kept talking about meeting, so maybe we'll work something out. I don't want to force anything though. Just let me be myself, ok?!



tamasha said...

I've stopped minding when my friends want to hook me up with their Indian friends.

What if he's an Indian Jew? They're few and far between, but they exist. I found some in Cochin.

Also, did you say apeshit to your mother?! ;)

chick pea said...

i love it rupa. your mom is MY MOM. they need to hang out to complain about their single daughters.

gabbiana said...

Hee. Your mom is totally my mom. And apparently also Chick Pea's mom. THEY TRUST US SO MUCH.

But what is biodata?

Anyway, good luck with both the apartment-hunting and HOHOPIS. (But, if as Tamasha says, he's an Indian Jew, let me know. I have *several* friends who'll want to hit that post-haste, though I guess Laura has first dibs.)

I love the Reflux pictures. Sammy, my parents' little dog, looves to park himself on his back in the middle of the floor, so he's all... uh, exposed to the world. Not quite as interesting as Reflux getting stuck, er, everywhere, but you get the idea. Little stupid dogs = cute.

Sex shops in Chicago! If you're in the mood for a venture, I recommend Early to Bed, which is up off Foster. My friends and I did a field trip there back when I was in college. Samples of all the toys are set out and already have batteries in them, so you can admire their, uh, mechanics. It's hysterical.