Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Team SPWAT (Square Peg Writes a Thesis) hit another snafu today: we woke up with the snuffles and spent all day lying in bed surrounded by used Kleenex and ibuprofen. I blame my younger brother. He was on spring break a few weeks ago and roadtripped with his friends to South Dakota, where he spent the last night sitting in a sweat lodge COLLECTING WATER AND AIRBORNE BACTERIA TO BRING HOME AND INFECT ME WITH. Anyway, he came home and felt sicky all week until I finally scrounged up a tongue depressor and looked down his throat and saw something to this effect:

And it sucks that he has strep throat, but check out my education paying for itself!

There was also a span of several minutes where he really scared me into thinking he might have meningitis. As part of my physical exam I also tested him for nuchal rigidity (neck stiffness) just for the heck of it and he yelped in pain when I flexed his head forward:

R: Seriously alarmed. OMIGOD. Does that really hurt?

S: Yes...? What does that mean?

R: We are going to the ER RIGHT NOW. Rushes off to get coat. Have your headaches been bad? Are you experiencing photosensitivity? You didn't even have a fever! YOU'RE GETTING A SPINAL TAP THEN WE HAVE TO TRACK DOWN EVERYONE WHO WAS IN THAT SWEAT LODGE WITH YOU.

S: Oh wait, I forgot! Last night I fell asleep on the couch and my neck has been stiff all day. Bobs head forward a few times. Yeah, it actually hurts less the more I keep doing it. Keeps bobbing head. Actually, this feels pretty good.

R: Eiiiuuughhh, next time you exhibit symptoms of a life-threatening disease can you make sure it's not a false alarm? I almost changed out of my sweatpants for this.

Anyway, I had a doctor friend call in a script for antibiotics for his strep and now he's feeling better, but I'm starting to feel my own ears throb with otitis media. Luckily, my dog had otitis media a couple of months ago and I still have a bottle of his ear drops lying around, so I've just been using those. My medical "knowledge" at work!

I'm hanging out in my room now trying to get some more work done and I've got the soundtrack to Wicked playing. It's very inspirational! All

It's time to TRYYYYYYYY deFYYYYYYing GRAVityyyyyyyyy, just You and AYYYYYYYEEEE deFYYYYYYYing GRAVityyyyyyyy

and occasionally in between my show tunes I'll hear Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz:


I think my upstairs neighbors might be having a party. It's a little unnerving. Crunk music is SO SO FUN when you're drunk and so straight-up dumb when you're sober.

I also called DQ a couple of days ago. In times of stress I tend to go reaching for support from the worst possible sources. I accidentally blurted out that I missed him and then foolishly asked if he missed me too.

DQ: Silence.

R: Hm. Guess that's a no, huh?

DQ: Well...I mean, we still talk twice a week. It's hard to miss someone you're so connected to. Also, we're going to see each other in like two weeks.

As much as DQ drives me up the wall with what I perceive as mixed messages, he is actually always brutally honest. I look at my previous frustrations with him and I'm starting to realize that I was unhappy with what he was saying; not what he wasn't saying. Could I have possibly been in denial all along? Yikes. Ok, I must get back to work before I delve into the black hole of Why Square Peg Fails at Relationships.


chaderology said...

uhm... OM is on the inside of the TM, not that i'm presuming you don't have a hole that allows the drops to go through, or that you aren't sticking the drops up your nose then doing a helmschpike maneuvre to get them into your ear canal... but i think any cure may have been the good ol, immune system. GO NEUTROPHILLLS!!!!

Hazel Bowens said...

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