Friday, April 20, 2007


The other big news that happened while I was on my carefree journey through America was the Supreme Court upholding the partial birth abortion ban. I AM PISSED. I'm going to let Ruth tell it like it is:

In an alarming decision, the Court today reverses the judgments other federal courts have uniformly made. Today’s decision refuses to take Casey and Stenberg seriously. The Court’s opinion tolerates, indeed applauds, federal intervention to ban nationwide a procedure found necessary and proper in certain cases by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. For the first time since Roe, the Court blesses a prohibition with no exception protecting a woman’s health.

The Court asserts that its ruling furthers the Government’s interest in “promoting fetal life.” But the Act scarcely furthers that interest, for it targets only a method of abortion. The woman may abort the fetus, so long as her doctor uses another method, one her doctor judges less safe for her. The Court further pretends that its decision protects women. Women might come to regret their physician-counseled choice of an intact D&E and suffer from “[s]evere depression and loss of esteem,” the Court worries. Notably, the solution the Court approves is not to require doctors to inform women adequately of the different procedures they might choose, and the risks each entails. Instead, the Court shields women by denying them any choice in the matter. This way of protecting women recalls ancient notions about women’s place in society and under the Constitution — ideas that have long since been discredited.
Her entire dissent can be found here.

I am shocked. I honestly think this has less to do with personal opinion and more to do with bipartisan politics; Dems vs Republicans; liberals vs conservatives. When will people let go of this black and white notion and realize that allowing D&Es is just GOOD HEALTHCARE? Why does it have to be about politics? Why must people be pigeonholed into "radicals" or "liberals" when this is about a MEDICAL PROCEDURE THAT IS STANDARD OF CARE. Why can't it simply be about providing the best possible treatment for women? AAARRRRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Redspiral said...

I could use your help on this one. I am pro-pro-pro choice and I still can't get behind partial birth abortion. I am not knowledgeable enough about it to debate it so I'm hoping you can tell me where I can find information that demonstrates that there isn't another option. What is the rate of complication vs. other types of late term abortion and WHY oh WHY can't the mother get a shot of methotrexate or something before the baby is brutally killed in this manner? I'm no doc (as you well know hehe) but... I just looked and looked and couldn't find anything that was unbiased that related the risk factors or even indications for this type of abortion. I'm asking for your help so that I can understand this better!

punchberry said...

Although I have always been pro-choice, I am surprised by how sad this latest supreme court ruling has made me. I read the entire opinion, and was shocked at all of the talk of protecting women from the shame, regret, and severe depression that their own choices would bring them. It stops just short of actually saying that the reason you shouldn't have a choice is that you are not capable of knowing what is best for you.

gabbiana said...

Woo-hoo paternalism! Oh, wait. Peg, did I ever tell you about my dream of opening a traveling abortion clinic once abortion is totally illegal? Like, in an RV or something, but a super-fast RV, so I can outrun the police/crazies. I don't even want to go into OB-GYN (sorry! I may love it when I get there!), but the state of the abortion debate in America -- where lawyers can decide what doctors do, and I just feel totally powerless all the time, because no one is listening to reason -- makes me resort to the crazy-thinking. I dunno.

Anonymous said...

are there any legislation banning medical procedures for men?