Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Over the weekend I finally saw Wicked! The book was a really dark, dismal complicated affair so I wondered how it would be adapted for theater. The playwriters did an excellent job condensing the story line down to a bite-size, understandable chunk though many of the relationships were totally different. I did like it, though, and the soundtrack was amazing, so I was really happy when Gaya bought me the CD yesterday. Probably because she was tired of me trying to keep singing the songs when I couldn't really remember the tune or the words, and the sound of my singing sounds like a wounded moose.

I would like to say, though, that much as there are height minimums to riding roller coasters, there should really be a head circumference restriction to theater-goers. The man sitting in front of me had THE WORLD'S LARGEST HEAD, both in height and width. We had pretty good seats in the Orchestra section but I had to keep twisting my neck around to see around this guy's head. I didn't figure there was any point in informing him he had a large head, because what crunches can you do to reduce your head, anyway?

Also, I was walking down Michigan Ave yesterday and some people were handing out free bottles of Bawls. Heh. Yep. I got some Bawls.


chick pea said...

wicked is fabulous... i saw it in chitown a few yrs back...


gabbiana said...

Heh. Bawls.

I also totally loved Wicked the musical, but was disappointed by the novel (which I read afterwards). Eh, whatever. I can't wail along to the book anyway.

(Loa-THING! Un-a-dul-ter-a-ted loa-THING!)

(Props to any play that has a song devoted to *hate.* Seriously.)

Cody said...

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