Friday, April 13, 2007


Hi everyone! I'm still working on this damn thing. Hopefully I'll get it done tonight. I have one major obstacle to overcome before I can just start freestyle writing -- I have to master this software system for one simple data analysis I have to do. Ya'll, it is PAINFUL. A major reason I went into medicine was specifically because it's one of the few fields where it's acceptable to be compu-tarded. I am scared of computers and programming. Scared of and bored by. Mostly bored. (Seriously though, it took me a year and half to figure out how to add links to this page.)

Also, there's nothing like being the ONLY ONE left working on something when everyone else is free and clear. It's like being the only sober one when everyone else is obnoxiously drunk, like say for instance if one of your patients infected you with tuberculosis and you had to be on prophylactic isoniazid all through your 4th year of medical school, your match, and your own graduation from medical school and you couldn't drink a drop of alcohol. (It happened to my older brother. I've seen him in better moods.)

I have a friend who's finished all his medical school requirements and is basically drinking until he gets his degree. He KNOWS I'm slaving and still saw fit to mock me last night with a phone call at 1am:

My Drunk Friend: Square!! How goes the thesis?

R: sucks but I'm getting there.

MDF: Keep crackin', what you have to say is important.

R: Flattered. Aw, man, that is SO NICE! Thanks!That is exactly what I needed to hear.

MDF: SO IMPORTANT. So are you publishing in JAMA or the Journal?

R: Uh, well, no plans to publish yet.

MDF: Because your thesis is going TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

R: Smart ass.

MDF: Sounds like it's time for someone to get back to winning the Nobel Prize.


chick pea said...

i feel your pain.. in the process of doing my last damn assigned research project... i just plan to publish it in the 'journal of trash'...

square peg said...

Yes, I will be submitting to the prestigious JoT as well.

Chaitan Bandela said...

loved your 55Friday post!