Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm done with my thesis!

Ha ha, I'm just playin', ya'll. No one's done with anything over here. Instead of doing work, I thought it might be more fun to track where all I've been in the US!

Hm. There seems to be a distinct pattern of "big, rectangular-shaped states out west" that are missing. In any case, I intend to further culture myself when, beginning this Sunday, Gaya and I roadtrip from LA to Chicago! We decided to stay on Rte 66 for part of it, then switch over to the faster, multiple-laned highways for the rest of it, because I will die if I'm late to the wedding I'm going to with DQ. I'm a loser.


Anonymous said...

You should stop by MS, since it's on the way. (b.t.w. when did you visit it the first time?)

Anonymous said...

Did I ever tell you how much I love your blog, because I do. Instead of working on my thesis so I can get the hell out of law school, I'm reading about other people procrastinating, watching some creepy show on VH1 about child beauty pageants, and shopping online. If you know of any other procrastination mechanism (other than drinking when I shouldn't be) please let me know! Thanks for the entertainment!

Adam said...

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Jeanette Foster said...

Wow, I bet you really like to travel a lot seeing how many states in the US you’ve already gone to. Anyway, I think it would be good to get thesis help in times like that happened. It would be good to get it done early so that you would have time if ever there would be any mistake.