Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm back from my cross-country bonanza! And now the number of states I've visited is:

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So you may have noticed that I'm actually missing some states here; that is because I realized that the Ozark Mountains, site of many a traumatic family vacation, is actually in Missouri, a mere 1.5 hrs from home; not Mississippi as I previously believed. Probably because that car ride sandwiched in between my brothers having a farting contest probably felt like it was 8 hours long. Also, I realized that while Jagdish actually lives in Virginia, I have never visited him there, and I really thought I had. I think I was confused by the fact that I live with Shanmugam fulltime, and that's enough sibling exposure to me for the both of them.

So there will be pictures to follow, and they will be spectacular, and you and I will both wonder why I thought these stupid rock formations were worth taking 200 pictures of yet there are no pictures of any humans, and then all will be well.

Also, the longest leg of our trip, from Denver to Iowa City through BEAUTIFUL AND EXCITING NEBRASKA was so beautiful and exciting that I actually made Gaya read outloud from Cosmo to me. Did you know that the speed of semen during ejaculation is 28 mph? How do you suppose they measured that? (I'm not trying to rag on Nebraska. It was as beautiful and exciting as southern Illinois, where I'm from; that is to say, it's as flat as a pancake and the highway is one straight line. You could turn on cruise control and take a nap.)

In the meantime, I'm working on thesis revisions and hopefully writing up another scientific article this weekend.

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gabbiana said...

See, do you count every state you've ever been in, even for a very short amount of time? Because I've driven through, say, Virginia without ever stopping there.