Saturday, April 21, 2007

Grace was over and we were discussing more about the partial birth abortion ban. It's such an infrequently done medical procedure (it comprises like 0.17% of all terminations as of 2000, according to the Guttmacher Institute) and yet, the ENTIRE ABORTION DEBATE has come to surround it. It is SO MOTHERFUCKING DUMB. It's a rare procedure done under extreme circumstances, yet we've spent so much time, money, energy, and emotion in the sturm and drang over this issue that I don't even think the average person understands that WE NEVER DO IT. In all the graphic "partial birth abortion" descriptions I've heard, NOT ONCE has anyone bothered to distinguish it from a plain ol' run of the mill 1st trimester termination, which are a dime a dozen, and in the end people who opposed choice opposed partial birth abortions as a knee jerk reaction. I am so afraid that now no one will be able to distinguish between the two and it's just a matter of time before ALL terminations are outlawed.

I just want to make sure that everyone understands that:
1) There are no maternal health exceptions to this rule.
2) Physicians who perform this procedure now will face criminal charges and up to 2 years in prison even if they are acting to preserve maternal life.
3) Many rights that were guaranteed by Roe v. Wade have been repealed.

Why was this such long, drawn-out, expensive disaster that garnered so much media attention happening in the first place? Why can't we focus our energy on things that ACTUALLY FUCKING MATTER like maybe trying to extract ourselves from Iraq because our troops don't want to be there anymore???? Or trying to figure out a way to ensure that the 40 million uninsured people in this country can receive consistent healthcare?? Or maybe stress preventive medicine and education straight from the getgo so everyone will stop getting obese and having coronary artery disease and we stop pouring billions of dollars down the drain treating illnesses that may have been preventable in the first place??

Or HERE'S a novel concept: instead of "abstinence only" education, which this country has spent almost a billion dollars on in the last 10 years and HAD NO IMPACT AT ALL ON NUMBER OF SEXUAL PARTNERS, SAFE SEX PRACTICES, OR NUMBER OF THOSE PRACTICING ABSTINENCE, how about we try to prevent women (who, *gasp!* are going to have sex whether you tell them it's ok or not) from feeling like abortion is their only option AND TEACH SAFE SEX? (PS: Hey President Bush! Where was the big press conference when that study was complete? Why was it released quietly on the internet without so much as a peep anywhere else? Is it because it was DEAD MOTHERFUCKING WRONG AND PROBABLY THE DUMBEST IDEA ANYONE'S EVER HAD? No way! Surely the NEXT attempt at legislating morals will be the first successful one in the history of mankind!)

Why do people who have ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERSTANDING of medicine get to legislate it?? Women and their physicians should not have to make difficult, personal medical decisions based on radical politics!!!!! WHY DID PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTION BECOME THE CIRCUS HOOPLA THAT IT DID IN THE GODDAMN FIRST PLACE?? WHY?? I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! STUPID ADMINISTRATION!!!! AAAAARGHHHHHHH!!!!

*Whew* Sorry, just, uh, had to get that out of my system. Carry on now.

(And in other news, my cousin delivered a little baby girl today!!! I generally do like people and babies. I am happy and excited for her.)

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trAcy said...

i know, i know, i know.
intelligensia? ha ha.

i haven't checked, but there has to be (right?) at least a few MD's in Congress. . . perhaps.

there was one in our Missouri state senate, albeit in his 70s. he quit to run for another, more local office and lost. Planned Parenthood always acknowledged his "liberal" (informed, intelligent, appropriate, prochoice) view.

i haven't had time to post on this. . .so, thanks.