Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gaya was over a few days ago and I was lamenting the whole DQ situation to her all over again. (Ya'll, I am TRIPPIN' and I know it) when he happened to call. He was likely calling in response to some really drunk text messages I probably kept sending him all weekend. Drunk texting always feels like such a good idea when your brain is all nocturnal; it certainly feels smarter than leaving some slurry voicemail telling someone how much you miss them and asking what they're wearing at 3 in the morning but in reality it might be worse. The text is actually saved to your outbox leaving you wondering what sort of message exactly you were trying to convey with "HEA i! WUSH DRYHK WUT u DIUG?>" when you go through all of your texts the next morning. (And, oh yeah, brain? WTF? You won the 8TH GRADE SPELLING BEE (I still proudly display my blue ribbon. I'm a winner!). Shouldn't there at least be SOME residual spelling skillz even when your neuron synapses are a little smothered by ethanol?)

At least with the voicemail you never actually have to listen to yourself (THANK GOD). On the other hand, the lucky guy on the receiving end of that phone call now has a priceless gem he can replay for himself and his friends until the next time you see them and all they can think about is how they can get you drunk enough to call one of them and sing "Goodbye Horses" on the message. (WHATEVER, I had like, JUST SEEN Silence of the Lambs that very day.)

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