Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Also, today is Mama Peg's birthday!! I called her promptly at midnight, lest I forget AGAIN this year, which woke her up and probably pissed her off, but woo hoo now I'm not the bad kid that forgot!! So last year, I just totally, completely forgot about my mom's birthday, and in fact had no idea that I'd even forgotten it until a week later when I called home and my mom refused to talk to me and I had no idea why until my dad reminded me. Yeah...she was not too happy. Anyway, this year I got a nasty little email from Jagdish yesterday reminding me "not to forget mom's birthday again this year, especially because I know you're doing nothing, so if you forget again...you just suck." Oh, the family harmony!

And I was thinking about the opposite; like, how would I feel if my parents forgot my birthday? To be totally truthful, it probably wouldn't happen because I'm just such a frickin' loudmouth about everything that everyone would be fully aware of the birthday countdown and my mom would of course take this opportunity to remind me that she had really hoped I "would be engaged" by the time I was 25 (LIKE WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO IMPRESS YOU PEOPLE AND EVEN IF I SOMEHOW DID SCROUNGE UP SOME DUDE WOULDN'T YOU PROBABLY HATE HIM ANYWAY??? Erm...sorry, a little stream of consciousness there) and I would have anxiety about turning a quarter of a century old, and I pretty much hate birthdays anyway because some extremely pessimistic part of my dad's personality was unfortunately passed on to me so when it comes to birthdays I'm all "meh, you're just one year closer to dying," along with a heavy dose of "THINGS ARE CHANGING AND I CANNOT DEAL I must go lock myself in my room for a few days" especially because the only really monumental birthdays have been 16 (DRIVING = A BIG DEAL) and 21 and maybe 18 if I'm really feeling socially conscious, and those are all over and done with so now I'm just getting old. And so are my ovaries, according to my mom.

So, no, people don't forget my birthday mostly because I'm obnoxious and can't shut up about "all my birthday ANXIETY and EMOTIONAL UPHEAVAL and DISTRESS." And I really can't imagine my own mother forgetting my birthday because when I was younger anytime I got into big trouble (most notably the time she had a friend over who left her keys in the ignition of the car and my 4 year old self crawled in and backed that car down the driveway and into a tree) all she could talk about was how she LABORED FOR THIRTY HOURS TO BRING ME INTO THIS WORLD and this is how I repay her?? (An unusual parenting method, yes, but it did scare me out of ever wanting to have children, so I guess they did something right) and it sounds so horrible that I can't imagine ever forgetting an event so awful. Happy Birthday mom! Sorry my delivery was so traumatic. You're the best :)


linda ringwood said...

Hey Peg..a very Happy Birthday to ur mom from me too...u want to pacify ur traumatic delivery of ur birthday wish? Have some birthday ideas for your mom taking a tour at my blog...I'm sure that would serve ur purpose..have a nice day :)

gabbiana said...

I forgot Mom's birthday once... last year? or the year before?... and so this year both my dad and my brother called and emailed to remind me (and I still almost forgot). Because none of us want to hear about it, EVER EVER AGAIN.