Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm a total stress-eater, so this past Saturday night, when faced with the prospect of spending an evening in an electrolyte disorders chapter-induced coma, I stopped at the grocery store for some munchies on my way home from the library. (My life is so sad right now.)

Let me pause here a moment to point out that this ALWAYS happens to me. Anytime I get dolled up to go out I never run into ANYONE. But... 1am on a weeknight, me in my sweatpants and sweatshirts with the drool marks from where I fell asleep on it, glasses, and humongous stress-induced nodular acne on my forehead (This thing was huge. I'm not kidding. It changed my profile.) going from the laundry room up to my apartment with a Rubbermaid basket overflowing with my underwear...oh yeah. I will ALWAYS run into that hot plastic surgery resident. It's like, Newton's 4th law.

Anyway, there I was at Treasure Island in the Playboy Building, picking out my essentials for the evening, namely Midol, Double Stuf Oreos, and Acne Eliminating Spot Gel when OF COURSE I ran into this guy from school who I had unfortunately gotten extremely intoxicated around and rather ungracefully hooked up with 2nd year at a posttest party. Not one of the highlights of my medical career thus far, and certainly not who I wanted to run into at the grocery store. To be honest, I'd be happy never seeing this guy at all, after he told people that I "threw" myself at him and furthermore that I threw up on his shoe. Which, by the way, CANNOT be true, because, granted, my memory of the event is pretty hazy, but I definitely remember throwing up on my friend's foot in the cab on the way home. So there. Asshole. (By the way, she was cool with the vomiting and we're still friends. Sometimes friendship means never having to say you're sorry. I did say I was sorry though, like a million times, after I crawled out of my deep dark hole of embarassment and shame. And hungover-ness.)

What was my point? I forgot. Now, pictures!

As I'm wrapping up the Step 2 studying I'm reaching this very familiar point where I'm so saturated with information that I just want to get this stupid test done with before knowledge starts to fall out of my head. Also, you've been looking at everything so much that EVERYTHING around you starts to remind you of medicine, and it's incredibly annoying to people around you but extremely fun to you.

For instance, while I was savoring another Diet Coke (sweet, sweet nectar of the gods), I happened to catch this warning on the can't really read it, because my camera sucks. (Or, more likely, it is I that sucks at using said camera.) But it's a warning that this product contains "phenylketones." !!! I know what that is and why that might be important!! Turns out if you have some rare disease called phenylketonuria you're supposed to limit phenylalanine intake because you can't break them down and they're all toxic to your brain and cause bad things like mental retardation. Yes!

Also, I wanted to show off my work space. I had envisioned creating one master sheet of vital but concise tidbits of information that I could review the night before my exam before retiring for a night of a restful 8 hours of slumber . I ended up with a cheat sheet that was OVER NINETY PAGES long, which I'll probably never look at, except to panickedly tear through at 4 am the night before my exam . Please note the aforementioned Oreos nestled amongst my cheatsheets.

Ok, back to leukemia!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck Square peg!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I LOVE these totally random blog entries.


Paula D. said...

Cute entry :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the exam!
Keep blogging. :)

Khakra said...

oreos, oreos everywhere. apparently oreos are the easiest snack to deliver to prisoners