Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm taking Step 2 on Thursday so I've been doing serious antisocial study the past few days... wish me luck! My experience with Board Medical Exams is limited to the shelf exams we took after each rotation 3rd year and Step 1, otherwise known as That One Time I Seriously Considered Suicide, but I know that anything other than my Step 1 experience, which involved me wanting to hurl myself out of the window of my 16th floor Prometric testing center during the entire 9 hour affair has to be an improvement. And that all turned out fine, so I'll probably be ok. I do however need to learn some medicine, and stuff, for this test. See you all Thursday!


Anonymous said...

good luck square peg! you'll rock it!!!

chick pea said...

dude here were my study guides to the step boards..

step 1- study for 2 months.. they sucked ass... dude, i wanted to shoot myself too.. trust me. i feel your pain.

step 2- study for 2 weeks. not as bad, you'll pass.. dude, p=md at this point...i wasn't going for a gunner score.. (when was i to begin with?)

step 3-study for 2 days. and you're golden child. promise.

step 1 is the one that still gives me night sweats.... nausea...and makes me want to vomit... hated that exam.