Friday, March 30, 2007

I lied.

Ok ya'll. I'm secretly thrilled that DQ asked me to his friend's wedding. Although, as he did unceremoniously point out after issuing the invite, "Well...uh, the wedding's in Chicago, and you're, like, already there." I harbor no delusions of DQ and I headed for a fairytale ending, but we occasionally have conversations like the following which make me wonder why WE CAN'T JUST GET OVER OUR DYSFUNCTIONAL SHIT AND WORK IT OUT because we both share the same extremely immature (and probably not-very-funny) sense of humor:

DQ: So did I tell you I've decided not to date anyone until I leave this city? I don't want to get attached to someone and complicate my plans after graduation.

R: Are you kidding? You won't graduate for another 3 years at LEAST.

DQ: I'm totally serious.

R: But won't you get lonely? What about when you just want to snuggle with someone?

DQ: Uh...I haven't figured that part out yet.

R: Continuing. I mean, sometimes it's just nice to have another warm body in bed with you.

DQ: Isn't that what hookers are for?

R: Ha!! Sounds like a great plan, especially if you're cool with catching a potpourri of STDs.

DQ: When will you be able to write prescriptions? You can just keep a steady stream of ceftriaxone and doxycycline coming my way. And penicillin for when I catch syphilis!

This was followed by a lively stretch of conversation about genital warts....and, in my nasty little world, any conversation with herpes is an A+ conversation!

DQ also sent me this picture of him getting dressed in his Halloween costume several months ago. I've tried my best not to violate anyone's privacy on this blog, but I really, really adore this picture, so I blocked out his face and put it up. Although, I think if he knew I'd posted it, he'd probably drive over here and kill me. Or at least give me a very stern talking-to.
I actually saw the final product and I'm still not sure what he was trying to dress up as. That's a lot of bubble wrap happening right there though.

(To be honest, I don't know if he knows about my blog. I honestly can't remember who I've told about it, but I do know that most of my friends DON'T read it, especially now that I've come back to Chicago. But, I tend to repeat my stories over and over again as it is, so I understand that. One of my friends pointed out that now that I was back, she had to stop reading it because she'd read a story one night and then the very next day she would have to hear about it again from me in person.)


working said...

This part is SO romantic: "Well...uh, the wedding's in Chicago, and you're, like, already there." . LOL

Anonymous said...

He's missing his head.

randomly yours said...

I like your style young lady.

Ennis said...

Actually Peg, I think most guys like to talk about genital warts. Now I know what to do if conversation lags the next time we have dinner ...

trAcy said...

have fun at wedding.

ps - prostitutes don't snuggle. : )

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the wedding - hope you write soon!

Anonymous said...

Well at least you know he's frugal - check out the "value pack-50% off" of packing material he used for his costume. All in all... he must've been feeling pretty generous to send you this pic of himself.

Ennis said...

Boy, Peg, your friends really hate DQ. Stop hating on DQ y'all!

Baldwin said...

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