Sunday, March 04, 2007


I'm at the library continuing my serious antisocial Boards studying, when I recognized the sensation of something eating my liver. I have something to say.

I started this blog when I moved out to Iowa for a year to do research as a way to keep in touch with my friends in medical school. I'm surprised and happy that random strangers like to check in, but really I mostly write for myself. (Now that I'm back I'm not even sure if my friends read me anymore.) I kept a journal all through grade school, junior high, and most of high school, and now that I'm doing it again I'm remembering how much fun it is to journal the stupid things that happen during the day, because, somehow.... taking note of the little things in life is what makes life worth living. And for me, writing it down is how I make those things real. And sometimes they're funny. (Actually, they're probably mostly lame, but in my extremely immature brain they're funny. Like the calci-BONE-nin thing? I was chortling to myself for HOURS after that. People at Starbucks probably thought I was a big ol' cup of crazy.)

Also, there's some stuff I'm obnoxiously opinionated about, and sometimes I talk about those things, mostly just to get it out of my system so I don't bore the people around me, and I really like it when people stop by and leave their comments about those things too. I just wanted to say -- I am reading those comments and I do appreciate it and much as I would like to have a nice open discussion about the state of birthing today, 1) I refuse to engage in a medical discussion without all participants (myself included) having done some degree of literature review. I won't claim anything unless it's evidence-based (WOW. I guess I did learn something in med school.) and I don't really have the time to do that right now so I'll just keep my mouth shut, but more importantly 2) That's not really what this blog is about. There are few places on the Internet where birthing politics are discussed ad nauseum and this is so not one of them.

So yeah, I'm just studying testicular cancers tonight ( favorite!). I wish I could just take this thing tomorrow and get it over with. I feel like I'm pregnant -- I just want to deliver this thing and be over and done with it already! (Such a lovely prenatal sentiment, I know.)


Anonymous said...

Well I for one stop by here because of the daily stuff and the calci-bone-in quips that also keep me laughing for hours. Dude, it is your blog so keep doing what you are doing because it is one of the best on the net.

Best of luck for the boards - kick some ass!

valerie said...

Blow those boards away girl! This is the first blog I check everyday. I love your humor, your outlook, your dog, and maybe even your family. The everyday stuff is what keeps me coming back. Each day you have a new post is a good day for me. Keep it up!

chick pea said...

testicular cancers..

seminoma vs. non seminomas..

quick: whats the 1/2 life of beta-hcg...

(ducking for cover--i have my painful inservice tomorrow.. blech)