Saturday, March 03, 2007


At the library studying today I ran into Shanmugam studying with one of his friends so I sat with them for some last minute endocrinology review. As I was looking over some bony disorders I had a question.

R: Hey, do you guys remember how calcitonin works?

Shanumam and friend: Simultaneously. CALCIBONIN.

R: What?

S: Keeps calcium in the bone.

R: Oh... ha ha, calci-BONE-in, I get it!

S: If they could teach all of medicine like that, I would never forget anything.

S's friend: Yeah, you'll remember anything once you've boned it.


Ennis said...

Ugh. Good luck, Square Peg! I could never memorize that much stuff, but I'm sure you'll do fine!

Anonymous said...

Thats a famous Larry C. mnemonic! I still remember it that way too. Then again, I'm only an M2.

square peg said...

When I was an M1, Dr. C only taught anatomy; apparently now he teaches histo as well? I don't think I was ever privy to it. I really don't see myself forgetting Calcibonin. Ever.

gabbiana said...

Fantastic. And good luck! Though my comment is somewhat late, so perhaps you've taken the exam already. In which case: Retroactive good luck!