Friday, March 23, 2007

And oh yeah, I just took Step 2 Clinical Skills on Tuesday. I walked out of there a little frustrated because...well, I'm actually not allowed to talk about it. I will say though, that, if you ever have to take an 8-hour exam, you'd do better to start it, oh, maybe BEFORE EFFING 3 IN THE AFTERNOON and then you don't leave the testing center til 11pm and you're stuck taking the fucking blue line home in the middle of the night and then they decide to arrest someone on the train a few cars down from you and you sit at the Belmont step with all the doors open for about 20 fucking years wondering what the hell is going on and why a normally 45 minute el ride is now taking about 2 and a half hours and your feet get very cold.

Anywho, the very first thing they tell you right before you start the "patient encounters" is that if you EVER share any information about the test you'll be barred from taking any tests administered by the National Board of Medical Examiners for life. Which, y'know, might get in the way of trying to become fully licensed in the practice of medicine and whatnot. What's funny is, I don't remember seeing that 2 weeks ago when I took the written part of the exam, Step 2 Clinical Knowledge but that's probably because my main objective when I sat down at the computer to take THAT test (yet another 8 hour nugget of fun!) my main objective was to exit the situation as quickly as possible so I probably clicked right past that disclaimer.

What's funny is that in college right before I was initiated into my sorority I received a similar warning: something about how if you "ever violate the secrecy of the rites of initiation into the sisterhood may your tongue wither and fall out, may your eyes shrivel and sink back into their sockets, and may your fingers recede back into your hands!!" Or some such happenings; with the main gist become a leper. I didn't violate that oath, and I won't violate this one. I will, however, say that CS sucks big hairy sweaty goat balls.

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punchberry said...

Aaaah, an inspiring glimpse of all that I have to look forward to. Congratulations on getting two more steps over with!