Thursday, February 15, 2007

You know what else I hate? MINDFUCKS. (Hello, and welcome! Happy Valentine's Day! Please make yourself at home.) I think mindfuck-age is present when said guy who can't bring up the girlfriend until 6 weeks later is now sending emails with winky faces in them. WINKY. FACES. Yes, I understand that making fun of my poker skillz (or lack thereof) is very funny and joking about how I'm welcome to give you more of my money is cute and deserving of a winky face, however men who are in committed relationships really should not be sending winky faces to other girls.

What's funny is, I sit here and analyze these small gestures to death and back again, and he probably doesn't even remember sending the winky face. Most of the time, I really love being a woman, but just sucks.

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