Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lost: I'm officially turning you off.

Did anyone catch Lost today? During my research year when I had time to burn I got the DVDs and got all hooked on this show. Today, however, I am totally through with this show. Today's episode pretty much sucked. I think the show is clever sometimes and occasionally there are some unexpected revelations; however, I think the writers are in way over their head. They've created elaborate plotlines with dozens of characters who are all supposedly connected somehow, but I really think they have no idea where to take this. In short, this show is kind of a huge tease. To be honest, I'd rather spend my time studying (there are few things that elicit such a strongly negative response from me). Lost will probably just get cancelled before having a chance to resolve any of the storylines; it's really sinking in the ratings...because people like me who love suspense and were addicted to receiving another puzzle piece every week realized there were way too many puzzles and not enough pieces. (I take my TV watching very seriously.)

This was me watching Lost tonight (don't read this if you haven't watched the show yet):

TV: Watch Lost tonight to see the conclusion to the most burning question on this island!

R: Yeah! Lost is so effin' awesome!

TV: Jack blah blah.

R: Dammit! Another gd Jack flashback! I so don't care about this guy. Where are Walt and Michael!? What is the motherfucking Dharma initiative?! HOW CAN ALL THE WOMEN HAVE PERFECTLY COIFFED HAIR AND SHAVED ARMPITS ON THIS ISLAND?!

TV: Jack goes to Phuket and meets Bai Ling who, unsuprisingly, kinda looks like a hooker. They fornicate.
***Editorial note: When I first wrote this, I accidentally typed "...and meats Bai Ling." But, that also would have been appropriate. Ha! Ha ha ha!

R: Man, this sex scene is kind of gross. Flips over to Real World. And if Matthew Fox has his shirt off and I'm still willing to change the channel, that is some very poorly done sex. D'you hear me, Lost editors??

TV: Kate & Sawyer blah blah blah. Karl blah blah.

TV: More boring and uninteresting filler crap happens.

TV: Jack:
And THAT is what my tattoo means. [Note: I had never even noticed this tattoo before this episode.]

Oh. NO. You have GOT to be kidding me. Takes off houseslipper and hurls it at the TV.

This blog is now officially anti-Lost.


scarletta said...

Oh no, and I'm just starting to get into the show. Here's hoping for an improvement (we're a couple of months behind you guys)

trAcy said...

i AGREE! it's a sad day.

(i wonder that hair-management thing all the time, too.)

i never cared what jack's dumb tattoo meant - i figured it was just the actor's own.

but hey, they still haven't "revealed" the rest of the tattoo! there are two more parts, for goodness' sakes. . .

since it comes on so late now (so as not to compete with "american idol," we hear - eye roll), my friends and i who get together every week to watch and eat dinner had time to look at the "extras" in one of the season collection DVD sets: you're right, the writers are making it up as they go along, patting themselves on the back when they find a plot item that "ties up" more than one thing.


yeah, where did michael and walt sail off to? why don't we see the french lady anymore? who is controlling the smoke-chain-dinosaur beast that reads your thoughts and killed mr. echo?

oh, and why don't they tell us what "Day" after the crash it is anymore? those writers are lost!


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