Monday, February 26, 2007

It's still snowing in the Heartland. There has been some form of precipitation in the sky for about 5 days straight now. The silver lining to that cloud was that all flights departing from O'Hare were pretty much cancelled over the weekend, so I got to see my friend Liz as she passed through on her way home from Sweden, which was delightful! Also, she left her Swedish liquor with me for safekeeping. I promised I would protect the liquor from being consumed by Shanmugam. Or myself.

In other news, I have been doing practice questions for Step 2. Did you know there is actually such a thing as a penile fracture? That was NEVER in my spectrum of knowledge. I know that, because there's no way I could forget that such a thing as a penile fracture existed. I would post a picture of this very important surgical emergency here, but this blog is for the kids. I like to keep it clean.

I also did some rheumatology questions and was very surprised to learn that one of the complications of Behcet's disease, an autoimmune disorder characterized by painful mucosal ulcerations, is a "scared vulva." That took a moment of thinking before I realized they were probably talking about a "scarred vulva."

Also, I forget sometimes that my friends (I mean, my real, human friends. Not that you are not also loved, o adorable Internet entities!) read my blog, until last night when I made a homemade pizza (with substantially improved results from my prior attempt, see below) and Garani said she sure hoped it turned out better than the one on my blog.


Ennis said...

I'm so confused. You're, like, blogging regularly! What happened?

chick pea said...

wait till you take step 3... and then your inservice exams..then the real boards..

you will read things that are sorta fiction, twilight zone like.. penile fractures.. phfhh.. that is nuttin..

gabbiana said...

I am somewhat proud to admit that I totally knew about penile fractures. Mostly because my dad came home from work one day -- okay, that just sounds bad, doesn't it? -- and said "LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY COWORKER AND HER BOYFRIEND AND THEIR TRIP TO THE ER."

Ennis said...

I'm sorry I remarked about your blogging! I didn't mean to cause you to stop! Please, come back! We love hearing about penile fractures (shudder)!

Anonymous said...

Oh no ennis jinxed it! Keep blogging! Please!

Blaze said...

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