Sunday, February 18, 2007

I did a little drunking last night.

I didn't realize how absolutely bonkers I go when I'm by myself until Shanmugam decided to take some friends of his down to Centralia for the weekend. So yesterday I studied for a few hours until the evening; then I went home and went a little loopy waiting for my friends to call me back so we could make plans for the night so I finished the better half of a six-pack I had sitting in the fridge and smoked a half pack of cigarettes. When Gaya and Grace finally came over we actually polished off an econo-sized bottle of Bacardi and a fifth of Smirnoff. (I would post pictures of all these empty bottles but I can't move right now.) We were out (seriously doing a lot of nothing) until 3am, then I came home with a whole bunch of energy and online shopped until 5am. It's all fun and games until you wake up the next day feeling like something crawled in your mouth and not only died but started decomposing.

And that's why it's 2pm and I'm in my pajamas on the couch watching Matlock and eating bread and water.

Also, I'm giving serious consideration to the thought of having a roommate when (or I should say "if," in deference to the Match) I move to St. Louis. The only thing is I know I'll be working extremely long hours and if I have the horrendous roommate situation during the 2nd half of my 3rd year when my (medical student) roommate got engaged and moved out to live with her fiance and we found what we thought was a suitable replacement via Craiglist and she actually turned out to be the most irresponsible, laziest piece of shit I'd ever met. And her friends were huge drunks and left huge messes in my apartment. Is there another way to find a roommate? One who isn't a total loser?

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