Thursday, February 22, 2007

Find a happy place.

I FINALLY found the battery for my digital camera. It's been months since I've taken photos, and I wanted to share the glamour and sophistication of the Peg's world with y'all. Prepare to be dazzled.

The last photos I took before "losing" my battery were of this time in November when Shanmugam and I attempted to make pizza from scratch, dough, sauce and all. It was quite the undertaking. Unfortch, we never got the memo about how handy those darn pizza pans are when your crust is all soft and doughy and liable to fall apart if you attempt to maneuver the pizza without a pan underneath.

Behold our culinary masterpiece:

And the resulting disaster in our oven:

(The part you don't see here is Shanmugam and I thoughtfully contemplating this situation, then deciding the best thing to do would be to deploy the "Self Clean" feature of our oven, thus incinerating any and all remnants of the unfortunate pizza. RIP. And we still haven't figured out how to scrape all the black stuff out of the window.)

Also, when Shanmugan first moved in, I mentioned his incredibly admirable efforts to facilitate our couch potato-ness by affixing a mini-TV guide to the remote:

It cracks me up every time I look at it.

Also, when we were home over Christmas break, I ran across a closet full of stuff in the basement that's been sitting there since the dawn of time. Much to my dismay I discovered God in this closet. I was shocked and appalled at this finding so I brought God to Chicago to give him a proper home in our apartment:

The funny thing is, Natraja has been perched on that barstool ever since we lugged him out of the car trunk and upstairs. I completely forgot that might be seen as a slightly unorthodox place to keep God; y'know, sitting around the TV like the rest of us, just hangin', until Gaya was over and pointed out how weird it looked to keep God on the stool. He's just like another part of the family, involved in our daily activities. THAT'S THE WAY GOD SHOULD BE, PEOPLE.

I would also like to display our humble little foyer. In an act of silent protest I kept my shoes in the hall until Shanmugam put his suitcase away, and now Shanmugam refuses to put his suitcase away until I tidy up and put my shoes neatly away in the closet. Because we're both incredibly mature adults, things will likely stay this way until May when I move out.

And finally, most impressive of all, may I present:

The hybrid double-spork-in-single-packaging-sleeve.

Discovered at Taco Bell yesterday. I will keep this double-spork until such a time arises when 2 sporks are needed. That time might be when Shanmugam brings home a delicious chimichanga but fails to bring home a spork. Or it might be when I make a cottage cheese-pineapple salad and need 2 sporks for the ultimate serving weapon. Or it might be tonight when Shanmugam and I try to eat cereal for dinner and realize there are no clean spoons because we haven't run the dishwasher in 3 weeks. Only time knows.


chi_diva said...

This is hilarious. It was cracking me up because I am so that person. Very messy and I eat cereal because of the same reason.

Only thing...I need to get me one of those sporks.

gabbiana said...

Oh, man, the pizza looks so good. And I would totally clean by oven with burning. That's why I ripped the smoke detector out of the ceiling.

Um, don't tell the fire department.

By the by, I totally dug your rant on Pregnant in America. YES WHO NEEDS DOCTORS ANYWAY?

$@R@T# said...

Nataraja dancin on stool is so cool....!!I agree with livin with god concept!!I live in same environ..cudnot take care of gods ..and asked my brother to ship 'em back home..he instead shipped them back to my (new)home..!!!"Divine Lifestyle"

Anonymous said...

your peg pizza looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

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