Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cabin fever.

The southern Heartland got walloped with an assload of snow today so I couldn't drive back to Chicago, which meant another hyperproductive day at home for me! I set my goals very low: I just wanted to study for 3 hours today. I think between 3 hours of TV, 5 hours spent looking for chocolate/whining about how there was no chocolate/bugging my mom to make me brownies/eating aforementioned brownies, and 2 hours spent doing the laundry from when Reflux urinated on my pajamas and my bedsheets (yes while I was WEARING the pajamas and sleeping in bed on those same bedsheets), I squeezed in a good 45 minutes of studying. [Seriously, I used to be able to study for 16 hours a day. I look back on those days and wish I could bring that intensely nerdy girl back just for a few hours a day.]

So...yes. Being peed on. Not a new experience for me; however no less jarring the second time around. And Reflux is never allowed to sleep with me again.... peeing in bed is kind of a dealbreaker (though I know I have friends who would beg to differ!).

And now for the Reflux update: sadly, his mental status seems to have deteriorated. He's taken to walking around really quickly in circles for hours at a time before getting really dizzy and passing out. We did some research and unfortunately this is how small dogs manifest dementia. After the unfortunate peeing in bed incident my parents and I discussed putting him down again. I just can't do it, and as long as I think he still has some kick in him and finds enjoyment in certain things (like food, and naps; the things we all love) and isn't agitated and upset all the time, he'll stay with us. In the meantime, we'll just deal with the urinary incontinence.
But now he has to sleep in a bed on the floor of my parent's room.

Let's segue to something else now. Y'know what I hate? When guys pull out the "girlfriend" card too soon. Like, I have a girlfriend. CALM DOWN. I just asked you if that seat was taken. I think it might stem from a rather charming trait some men have of assuming that all women want them. On the other hand I recently experienced the exact opposite, which would be when the girlfriend card is up the sleeve and not revealed until well into the game. Which is far more acutely painful. Thinking about it, I guess when things are sort of borderline, there's no good time to show your hand, but on the other hand, did he have to wait SIX WEEKS to trot her out?! *Whew*


chai said...

so sorry to hear about reflux. i like your rational for NOT putting him down.

chandi has peed thrice in the bed. not fun times. but it must be just sheer pleasure doing something naughty when it comes to peeing.

...and men + girlfriends. i think men are shady period. six weeks is a damn long time.

MudPhud Girl said...

...and men + girlfriends. i think men are shady period. six weeks is a damn long time.

i've had it done to me for a good 2 months. not including the previous 6 months of flirting.

boys scare me with their capacity to hurt.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending good vibes to reflux - the cutest dog on the net...

And boys and revealing their girlfriend status - I just don't get it. I spent a good couple of hours on saturday night really connecting with a guy, only to come away with it not knowing if he had a girlfriend or not. So, sometihng that could have been great has been stalled.

Man guys really do have the capacity to hurt - its so scary

Thomas said...

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