Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ok, ok, I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long! I interviewed in Philly and loved their program, which, if I decide to leave the midwest, I'll rank it #1. Ok...ENOUGH!! I'm not going to think about the match for at least another 3 weeks.

So let's see..I've been on my medicine subI, so busy with the SAVING OF LIVES and QUALITY PATIENT CARE. In all seriousness, a few days ago I was discharging a patient who had just gotten cathed and needed stents for 2 separate coronary vessels. I was trying to explain the importance of taking your medicine and following up with your doctor in reducing the chances of dropping dead, all leaning on the bedrails, trying to make good contact and being earnest. After nodding gravely throughout my sermon, when asked if he understood exactly what I was saying, his response was, "Doctor, you're very pretty." Hard to be mad under the circumstances, but pay attention!!

Also, the medical school variety show was a couple of days ago. Shanmugam and his friends put together a video, which I have linked here. It's a parody of The Office, my favorite TV show, and is actually pretty funny. (That's him playing Michael Scott...he won the Golden Glove award for best actor!) Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Your little brother is SO cute! He can even act,sort of. Glad you're back Peg, don't stay away so long.

h-izzo said...

philly's a great city too--it's underrated b/c it's so close to the other east coast cities, but it's a lot of fun

Chick Pea said...

doctors office is fricking AWESOME!
philly is fun, brother tabouli is there... let me know if you end up there..

Anonymous said...

I was at in vivo and your brother was freaking hilarious in that skit. I'm an M2 by the way- the one who commented a long time ago that i go to your school. Not stalking... just need a diversion from school. :-/

Abram said...

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