Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy New Year! Yeah, I know, I'm like 3 weeks late.

Hello!!! Ok, sorry, so first I panicked because I was supposed to take Boards on Dec. 27th, then I got supermotivated and studied really hard for like THREE DAYS STRAIGHT (and people, it was a CHALLENGE. I cried myself to sleep on Reflux's smelly confused back every night.), then I stopped caring and rescheduled my test for sometime in march, then I started my medicine subI and got all excited about medicine again, then I got sort of lazy and really sick of manually disimpacting all the rectums around me, and now I'm back to blogging again! 2007 ROCKS!

(And seriously why do all my patients have constipation? Why has my finger been up so many butts in the last 3 days? And in all seriousness, actually, one of my patients is a paraplegic and was admitted SOLELY so she could be manually disimpacted by my expert fingers 3 times a day, and this morning on rounds she told my attending that I, the square peg, yes, who has forgotten to order meals for every single patient she's admitted so far such that they're starving and pissed off at her by the time she comes to round on them at buttcrack o'clock, was the only doctor she liked. Because I, apparently, am the only one that "knows shit from shinola." And she would know.)

In other news, I haven't been on an interview in 3 weeks and I'm sad! I miss it! It's true that I'm all out of fake interest, but on the other hand, being schmoozed is kind of fun! Anyway, I have my last one this Saturday in Philly, and it'll just be fun to run into some of the other girls I've met on the interview trail.

Also, I really love internal medicine! Taking care of the whole patient and not just their uterus is kind of fun! The chronic untreatable stuff really depresses me though; I felt this way after I did medicine as a 3rd year too. It was just too depressing by the end to be a serious career choice. And medicine residents, I'm sorry, but they're huge nerds. Just...NERDS. I can't even describe it any better than that. They get excited about making fun of the ED residents for their "lame" admits and how the ortho residents don't know the insulin drip protocol.

It might also just be that I like being an intern WAY more than I like being a medical student. You tend to feel like less of a redundant asshole when YOU are the one that comes up with the plan and are solely in charge of the patient. And..when your patients are getting better, they love you! When they're still not pooping and miserable, they make you feel like the biggest idiot in the world you sometimes secretly feel like on the inside. On the whole, though, major upgrade. My only peeve is that without an MD by my name (which I'm starting to realize more and more is totally f'in arbitrary...what am I going to know in 6 months when I have the degree in my hand that I don't know now?) I can't sign any of my own orders. Which is fine for, like, anti-arrhythmics, and anti-coagulants, and you know, stuff that's kind of a huge fucking deal. On the other hand, when I have to page my resident 3 times so she can cosign my order for Tylenol for my patient's headache or a plastic bucket to be put in my other patient's toilet so we can measure her urine output, it feels pretty dumb. Often I'll just find the plastic bucket in the supply closet and put it in the toilet myself. It's much faster.

TCL and I are over. We hung out one night a few weeks ago and he just came on a little strong. Ok, Internet, prepare yourself. He was breathing on me. It was so gross. Also, I don't like people stroking my hair, because people, I DON'T WAKE UP LOOKING LIKE THIS. It took a flat iron and several grooming products and dammit, I don't want some dude's greasy fingers fucking it up. Well, ok, I just didn't want TCL's greasy fingers on it. I'm just trying to find the right greasy fingers, ok? And they definitely weren't TCL's.

Ok, Shanmugam just came in with some girl and a bag of 40s (sometimes I REALLY miss being a first year) which is....romantic, but he also brought me a Subway sandwich and my favoritest greasy potato chips in the world!! I lurve him. I almost want to match in Chicago just so I can live with him again, but then I would be pretty much guaranteeing that I would put a big motherly damper on his mack.

Alright, well, good night! I just admitted 2 patients today so I should read up on methadone overdose and aortic dissection.


workingthemindandbody said...

That's pretty funny about your brother! Ah, young romance....

happy roy said...

we have those chips in the vending machine across from my office. it's torture! have you tried blair's death rain chips? those are, hands down, the BEST chips ever!