Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Round 2

TCL and I are having our second date tomorrow night, at a great tapas restaurant in Chicago, Cafe Babareeba. (Nice choice, TCL! I've definitely been on a date to ESPNZone before, so pretty much anything in comparison will make you look like a rock star.) We'll see how this goes. I know I have a list of things in my head that are non-negotiable (read: I am a huge fucking snob about) but I'm trying to keep an open mind, just like Jagdish says.

Speaking of Jagdish, he is still truckin' along in Roanoke, VA. For his residency program they're required to do a year of internal medicine before starting training and I know he's miserable, but at least he has a sense of humor about it. He just called me from the VA where he's stuck dictating a bunch of discharge summaries, because the hospital has been sending him nasty little pages informing him that his hospital privileges will be suspended unless he gets his paperwork caught up. Heh. He has 22 more to go. Also, apparently he's supposed to be signing the medical student's notes, and he hasn't even read any of them, which I find hilarious, considering I spent most of M3 year bitching about how I had the suspicion that no one read my notes. And now I know it's true. And he has to go back over a shitload of charts and cosign the med students' notes. Education!

In other love news, the Drama Queen was visiting some friends of his in Chicago so he and I caught up on Sunday night for cocktails at the W. (I love living half a block away from the coolest bar in Chicago. Unfortunately it's made me incredibly lazy.) And...the DQ totally stunned me by saying he was sorry about everything between us in the past and that he was now ready for a serious committed relationship. And I totally surprised myself (and him too I think) by telling him that there had been a window of opportunity, but that window had been closed for a while now. Go me! I mean, uh, I'm sure it was terribly sad and whatnot for him but I am proud of myself. It's not easy to give up on people you care about even when you know it's for the best.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww. I feel sorry for DQ. Why? Is "true love" dependent on perfect timing? Is there only a narrow window for such things, kind of like a space shuttle launch schedule?

-- Ennis

Anonymous said...

How did the date with TCL go? Those of us who aren't there to ask you in person are curious!

valerie said...

What about date #2 with TCL? We are waiting with bated breath.

square peg said...

Ennis, you are a lovely person and DQ does not deserve your sympathy. He has done some shitty things in the past and the window of opportunity issue is more about the fact that it took some time but I'm over him and his drama, and less so about me being picky with timing.