Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm going on 16 interviews for residency, which is a shitload for ob/gyn, a specialty of average competitiveness. My overzealousness in scheduling interviews is mostly (well, entirely) due to the fact that I have no effing clue what I want beyond a really strong university program in a fun city, and I have the time and energy so I decided to just go check 'em all out. There were many, many programs to go check out. For many medical students, residency is the time when they want to bring it back home; they've been away from home for undergrad, med school, and often longer, and where you do residency sometimes dictates where you end up for your career; particularly if you plan to stay academic, as I do.

My problem is different and somewhat dumber. I'm from rural southern Illinois by Kentucky which is a lovely place if I was 44 and married with 4 kids. Which I will be one day, hopefully, but that day is not today and probably not anytime in the next 6 years. Consequently, I do not have a burning desire to go home. On the other hand, the program in St. Louis is really strong and I really don't have a problem being 1 hour away from my parents (which, I'll admit, is a nice change from being 6 hours away).

Um, anyway, I don't know what I want and that's why I've interviewed everywhere. 14 down, 4 to go. So I've been gone a lot lately. Shanmugam astutely observed that lately I'm either MIA for days on end or passed out on the couch in my sweatpants with the TV blaring for 3 days straight. I got in yesterday evening, donned said sweatpants, assumed my position on the couch and was passed out when he came home from the library later that night. This morning he came from home class and was surprised, nay, STUNNED, to discover me in my dressy pants, recently showered, and merely sitting, rather than face down under a comforter drooling on the sofa cushions, on the couch. "Looks like someone's actually planning to leave the apartment today!!" This is true. I have to study for Step 2. Shanmugam and I are now in the student lounge studying. Well, he's studying, and I've been wasting time on the Internet for the last 90 minutes. All part of the creative process, friends.

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