Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I have 2 more interviews under my belt! As ya'll probably know the Midwest is a huge effing mess right now, what with "winter" and whatnot. On Thursday I flew to Baltimore for an interview I had there on Friday. I LOVED their program. Unfortch, I did not love Baltimore. No. Baltimore is a big sack of ass. I'm sorry. But you and I both know it's true. I flew in a night early because a friend of mine was interviewing there as well and we went out on the town the night before our interviews. And...I was not impressed. I'm not even that swanky and I felt TOTALLY overdressed for where we were, which was supposedly the "happenin'" part of Baltimore. I'm a TA for an M1 small group and one of my M1s who went to undergrad there was telling me that her car got broken into 3 times during her senior year. "And that's not bad! It usually happens once or twice." Hmm. Well I would like for it to not happen at all, given how the whole anxiety associated with the driving, and the parking and all the whatnot associated with automobiles already gives me IBS.

On Friday after my interview we had to board a plane for LA for an interview we had there the very next day. Ok, American Airlines? Runs a scam. We were both starving on the plane so we sprung for the $4 "Snack Box." I was not impressed with my Snack Box. It was sort of funny though because we were being total assholes about the Snack Boxes and actually took pictures of each other proudly stroking our Snack Boxes, and a flight attendant walked by and told us we should send the photos in to the airlines and they'd probably make us part of a national campaign for Snack Boxes.

In addition to being a huge a-hole, I'm also mentally challenged. Evidently the Snack Box had a panel which enabled one to flip open the top and eat directly out of the Snack Box, but I totally missed this and ended up ripping off one of the sides and dumping out all the contents of my Snack Box onto my tray in a big unceremonious heap. As Rachel said, "You're such a lady, Square." Then she traded me her Goldfish crackers for my beef jerky so I was all loaded up on carbs and had no protein. Snack Box!

Anyway, I also adored the program in LA, but I just can't see myself living there. I've even tried saying it a few times and it just doesn't roll of my tongue naturally. "I'm moving to LA." "I live in LA." It makes me feel dirty. And everything's THE SCENE. We had reservations at the W on Saturday night and driving down the scene there was a line outside of every doggone club, which is total bullshit. Or maybe I've just been in the midwest too long.

Next up on the national tour: Gorgeous New Haven, CT! Their program is outstanding but the thought of living in the Have makes me throw up in my mouth a little.


Anonymous said...

..Are we the same person???...I mean really...and I am a " Mad Brown Woman " myself although admittedly not East Indian , but you get the point....I was JUST having a similar discussion with my resident about these same cities today, and I promise you...your typed words mirror my conversation....funny indeed....good luck in the match !


Anonymous said...

New Haven is actually a better place to live than either of those, and right close to NYC.

-- Ennis

Chick Pea said...

um.. don't know if i agree with ennis... baltimore blows...

coming from cali... LA blows too.. esp for those midwesterners who always hate it..

i adore it since it is home, but to be honest, i prefer northern cali or chitown over LA anyday (now if chicago was just warmer...it would be perfect)

are you not wanting to stay in the windy city?

hopefully you intereviewed at ucla...their ob program is awesome.. and i'm sure you ran into a ton of my friends who are likley attendings there now..

enjoy new haven..which isn't new and ain't a haven.. just a damn misnomer...

and of course, enjoy going through the misspelt ad responses.. although this lawyer dude sounds promising (although him asking you how you're doing and board scores, etc irked me)... what are you? chopped liver? don't try to dissect rupadupe..

(p.s. i'm at fault for my own misspellings...however if i was doing the online dating thing, i'm sure i'd proofread ;))...

p.p.s. my mom may want to hire you to write a profile for me.. haha... you may hear from momma bean.. ;).

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