Thursday, December 21, 2006

17 down, 1 to go!

Ya'll, I am SO happy to be almost done with interviews! As much as I constantly bitch about it, it's actually been really, really fun. I got to travel all over the country (to California no less than 4 times, which was, ok, a little pricey and exhausting) and see my friends, and meet all of my cool future colleagues. They were mostly cool. I'll be honest, there were some duds too. Anyway, my next one in Philly's not until the 2nd week of January so hopefully I'll be recharged by then. It's kind of a shame that UCSF was my 17th interview because I actually was really excited about it, but by the time I got to it, it was my 3rd interview in 4 days and I had no questions left. I couldn't even fake interest at that point. I always call the tour of the hospital "sorority rush" time, because you just put on a big smile, zone out, and keep nodding your head. Like really, do you think I care what the wards look like and how big the ORs are? It's not going to change my decision about whether I want to be at a program or not. It kills me when people ask about parking and shit like that. Really? I agree that shit is important but is knowing the parking situation going to change where you plan on ranking this program?

Also, and this kills me everytime I think about it, the software that the National Resident Match Program uses to match medical students to residency programs is the EXACT SAME software used by my undergrad institution to match sorority rushees into houses! In my mind, that is extremely dumb. This is my doggone career! I would hope there would be a somewhat more sophisticated system set up for this process, but no. It is very much like rushing a sorority again. My specialty in particular, because it is so female-dominated, has felt like rush many times. I've sat through several interviews where I feel I've been given "hard pref," which is what we call a portion of pref night (the night before bid day, where girls are actually given acceptance by one house -- where they "matched," per se) when one sister takes a rushee aside and tells her how great she is and how perfect she is for the house and how bad the house wants her and basically makes her feel very loved and welcome in the house while aggressively recruiting her to the house.

The problem is that this process, much like sorority rush, is just as dirty and deceiving. Many houses make girls feel like they are a top recruit because they love being listed high on bid lists, which the girls make of their top choices. It assures that the house will have its choice of which girls it wants and honestly, makes the house feel special and popular. In my head, residency programs are the same way. I can't trust any of them. I've already been told by one program that I'm at the "top of their rank list!" but I've heard many horror stories about med students falling for that and getting very hurt in the end when they match at another program, so I don't believe a word of it. Argh. Is all of life like sorority rush? It's exhausting. I've survived 21 flights, 4 manicures, 13 pairs of panty hose, and 3 pairs of pointy-toed stilettos in the last 6 weeks. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much, goldarn it!

Also, why do people even bother discussing how to wash pantyhose? I can't wear those darn things more than once -- MAYBE twice, if they're the super fancy DKNY microfibers that cost EIGHTEEN DOLLARS a pair -- without getting a run and having to throw them away. Women who garner efficient use out of their panty hose -- I salute you. It is a challenge.


David G said...

pointy healed stilletos? hoooooot.

Ethel said...

Hello dear, I would recommend you use suspenders - I do. They're much more hygenic and the young gentlemen love them. Mind you they do interfere with my surgical stockings.

Come and visit me some day at and I'll make you a nice cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

If you feel like geeking out, here are some articles by the man who came up with the new match (post 1995 redesign).

Anonymous said...

If you feel like geeking out, here are some articles by the man who came up with the new match (post 1995 redesign).

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