Wednesday, November 01, 2006

On Doctoring

Some medical students get really, really excited to wear their white coats and be called "doctor." Most of us though, feel like huge posers and hate it when people refer to us as doctors. I hate it, and unless it's a sweet demented old man who has problems recognizing people versus inanimate objects, I will always correct someone who refers to me as "doctor" rather than "medical student." Make that "incompetent useless medical student." Even as an intern faced with a tough question I know in the back of my head I'll be like Ignore that MD after my name go find the real doctors!

I have 14 interviews scheduled all over the country in the next 6 weeks, so I have the next 2 months off, presumably to study for the Boards (This is the second of 3 really fuckin' long and painful medical licensing exams we're all required to take on top of our specialty's own licensing exams.) and interview. I'm also working on my MPH thesis, and thought that since I have this time off, I should do my required senior medical student teaching elective. I chose to TA Problem Based Learning for the first years, which are small-group sessions where they go through a practice case and learn how to tie basic science to clinical knowledge.

Shanmugam and his friends are here studying, and they joined me to watch Lost on a study break. After the show they were talking about PBL and asked me if I knew the connection between anemia and hypothyroidism. I said it was probably one of many minor signs of hypothyroidism but I couldn't actually remember for sure. They looked at me like I was half-retarded then looked it up in Harrison's. So then I kind of freaked out because I'm TAing PBL tomorrow and I don't want to look half-retarded in front of my M1s! So now I'm studying for PBL. This is good, because I need to be studying for Boards anyway.

But anyway, I spent a few hours on the phone last night making flight and hotel reservations for my interviews, and the receptionist at the Special 8 Motel (classy!) in Palo Alto kept calling me "Dr. Peg." I kept trying to correct her mostly because she was doing it so often I thought she was making fun of me.


Chick Pea said...

haha.. palo alto.. say hi to the chairman for me.. johnathan berek.. good guy :)..

Chai said...

wow! good luck with all the interviews. when you coming to palo alto? maybe we can do a SM CA meet up, well minus the SM writers?

trAcy said...

wow, i never thought of the expense (besides regular medical school fortunes/debt) of getting around to your next step/job.

good luck, and i don't envy you all that time with the "what's this liquid?" people.