Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yesterday afternoon Gaya, Grace and I went up to Devon Street (Browntown!) for the Sepia Mutiny meet-up and also to fetch some movies and fixin's. Udupi Palace: I had a giant masala dosa and it was AWESOME. I also ate part of Gaya's utthapam and someone else's chaat masala. [I eat a lot in general but I have been particularly hyperphagic lately...I have a small fear that I may have a tapeworm.] I'm a lame-o and forgot to take pictures at the actual meet-up HOWEVER I did manage to commemorate other events!

When I was waiting for the girls by that church at Superior and State I noticed a wedding going on, and I annoyingly tried to take several pictures until one of the church security dudes gave me a mean look and shut the door.

We walked by Sher-e-Punjaab twice afterwards, as we did some grocery shopping and picked up movies. I am ashamed to say that YES I have been known to indulge in the Sher many a time. S-e-P, allow me to give you some free advertising!
What a deal!

Because that Yoy, I hear he eats a SHITLOAD.

We went by the World's Grocery Mart to pick up fruits and vegetables and Ennis came with us. I should have warned him that my friends and I have ADHD when it comes to shopping especially when it's for food, and we often get sidetracked talking about how bananas are Proof of God [Trust me. Go watch it. You will not be disappointed.] or how symmetric these parsimmons are or how the smell of guavas reminds me of the time that my younger brother tried to flush all my clothes down the toilet, and what this amounts to is that it takes us 20 minutes to pick out 3 tomatoes.

We also went to Videovision so I could rent me some movies and there I saw advertised the first Bollywood action-hero movie, Krrish. Gaya and Grace REALLY wanted me to get this one, and I so wanted to make their dreams come true, until I saw the poster.I know.

And also, it's apparently a sequel to this movie, which, if you’re unfamiliar with it, allow me to summarize for you!

"An Indian scientist creates a computer that can communicate with aliens from outer space, but he is killed in a car accident. His pregnant wife survives but their son is born developmentally disabled.

His mother raises him with tender care and he grows up to be a young man of limited intellect, strange physical tics, and childish personality, yet with a loving heart. He befriends a young woman named Nisha, after a few misunderstandings about his behavior (some of which included accidental spilling of food over Nisha and chewing gum on one of the seats of her vehicle). Nisha feels sympathy for him and humors him as one would humor a child. Because of his limited intellect, he is often ridiculed by other children for his behavior, but has a group of young friends.

They find Rohit's father's alien-contact computer and summon the aliens by accident. The visiting aliens leave quickly and one alien is left behind. Rohit, Nisha, and Rohit's group of young friends find him, befriend him, name him Jadoo (meaning "Magic" in Hindi), and hide him from the authorities, who would like to imprison and investigate him. Jadoo senses that there is something wrong with Rohit and uses his uncanny powers to fix Rohit. Rohit not only becomes normal, he becomes superhuman. He is super-intelligent and super-strong. He and Nisha fall in love.

However, the government has not given up. Police capture Jadoo, who is rescued by Rohit. Jadoo flees in his spaceship and apparently takes Rohit's new powers with him. Rohit is again mentally retarded—which saves him from prosecution by the government. But this is not the end. Jadoo restores Rohit's special abilities—permanently. Nisha and Rohit can now lead a happy life together."

Yeah! Because the only shot MRs have at being loved or happy is by being “fixed” by an alien, DUH! I ended up picking up some other ones, and am now struggling to decide between watching movies and studying for the boards, which I am supposed to take in 3 weeks. Also, my next interview is this Friday here in Chicago! I have 14 interviews so far, including all 5 in my personal top 5, so in my head I am over and done with all of this, which is a little dangerous.

Last night after some lengthy discussion, we ended up going to Quartino's for some Bellini and snacks. We were NOT feelin' the Halloween spirit, as this would have involved extensive participation in some sort of costume effort, so we didn't even bother to dress up, though we did see some cool costumes on the street. I think a lot of people were feelin' our grandma vibe though, because the vast majority of people out last night were definitely not dressed up. I think it also has to do with the weather -- when it gets super cold and windy, I don't get that excited about going out. Because then you have to take a cab because it's too cold to walk, and take your coat, and pay $3 to coatcheck it or stuff it in some nasty wet corner somewhere and keep paranoidly checking on it, or be that sketchy person at the bar wearing their coat, or not take a coat and then be miserable and freezing, and basically, I would just rather be at home in my sweat pants watching TV. There. I said it.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, I MUST see Krrish! I am in love (read: lust) with Hrithik Roshan! He's so beautiful- even with that 6th finger.

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