Monday, October 30, 2006


In order to commemorate my impending (Let's cross our fingers and knock on wood here. I can totally see them withholding my degree because I forgot to return a library book 3 years ago.) graduation from medical school, I have made a very important decision. PEOPLE: I am getting a tattoo! [I mean besides all those OTHER decisions like WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE and AM I REALLY SURE I WANT TO BE SOME UNIVERSITY'S BITCH FOR THE NEXT 7 YEARS and HOLY FUCKING SHIT I DID NOT REALIZE IT WAS EARTHLY POSSIBLE TO BE IN SO MUCH DEBT AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE (k, that's not so much a decision as a rage-filled sentiment) and whatnot. I mean, I guess those might be "important" too. But this one's more fun!]

Gaya has agreed to embark on this journey of self-mutilation with me, and it's a good thing we've started this early (graduation is May 18th) because it will take me that long to decide

1) What to get.
2) Where to put it.

I know I want something Indian and with some element of "female" in it, but I can't think of anything that's not either blatant exotification or just too openly sexual. Because that's kind of gross, and not really what I'm going for.


Lotus flower. Anytime I see flower, I think sex. I don't know why. But it's gross and therefore not an option.

I guess something like this might be ok, it's a little less...flowery.
When we were growing up and learning about the Gods and Goddesses I was OBSESSED with Durga. [She rides a tiger and IT IS AWESOME.]

But this might be a bit much for 1-2in tattoo. [I could, as Gaya pointed, get a HUMONGOUS Durga on my entire back, but that doesn't really fit into my plan to continue my stable relationship with my mother.]

As far as location, I have a few options. I have already ruled out the lower back. It's totally cliche for a woman to have a tattoo there, and ever since I saw Wedding Crashers [""Tattoo on the lower back... might as well be a bullseye."] I am deathly against them. Also, Indian clothes bear a lot of back and belly and while I do plan to tell my parents [AFTER I have gotten the tattoo and successfully graduated from medical school. "Ha! I'm a doctor! And I got a tattoo! What now? WHAT NOW?!"] there's no need to freak out my other relatives, so I've got to be careful.

I'm left with
a) Shoulder. I'm not really excited about this because it looks kind of trashy when you're dolled up in a nice dress.
b) Front hip. I like this option a lot because it's pretty private but not gross. Only downside is it's right over the iliac crest so it'll hurt like hell going on.
c) Ankle. Meh. Too exposed.

So right now Front hip is in the lead. G and I are going to go to some tattoo shops on Belmont and look at their artwork and take a book of Indian artwork with us. Hopefully we'll be inspired by something! This thing is going to last forever, so I want something I won't feel stupid sporting as a 45year old mother of four.


Ganesh said...

I dated a desi woman two years ago who had a gorgeous Natraj tattoo (about a foot in diameter) in the middle of her back. It was really beautiful, which just added to her already sensual allure.

For a small tattoo, I concur with your hip assessment, and definitely, the mindset should be figuring out what you can live with for the next fifty years. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I agree, the tramp-stamp (middle of lower back) is played out. I have a tattoo that is...bear with's on the right side, below my hip. Kind of on the butt cheek, but not really. It is covered by bikini briefs underwear, which is what I wear. Why am I telling you this? BECAUSE MY FAMILY DOESN'T KNOW WHAT "KNOCK" MEANS. So it's always covered, cuz I've always got on underwear! Besides, when I'm 80, I'd rather have a tattoo on my sagging ass, than on my ??? front hip...oh no...will my front hip skin sag???

punchberry said...

I think skin that can be exposed in any type of business or formal attire, as well as skin that is significantly stretched in pregnancy, should not be tatooed. So, I would pick the lower back, or the hip.

Keep us updated!

Delfino Rules said...

I have also toyed with the idea of getting a tatoo, but cannot think of anything significant enough that I will never get tired of it. I think Durga would be amazing, but as you said probably unrealistic. I considered getting just the eyes of Sri Venketeswara, perhaps just the eyes of Durga with the forehead and tilak? I think that would be cool. As for positioning, middle of the back between the shoulder blades, outer thigh or the butt are the best places to keep it DL and not too painful.

Chai said...

outer thigh is not supposed to be painful? really?

i'm in the same boat with the desire of wanting a tatoo but not knowing where to put it and what to put.

i've always wanted one on my forearm. maybe judges won't like that, but whatever. i don't want one where skin will stretch to the point of no return on me (i.e., buttocks, stomach, legs).

keep us posted!