Sunday, October 15, 2006


The p-units visited on Friday night and left yesterday, but not before some Mandatory Family Fun Time (MFFT):
There's some Mandatory Couch Time for Shanmugam and Mama Peg. I really love when my parents visit because we always make these grandiose plans to visit different museums and go to different events, but we inevitably end up ordering pizza and hanging out.

Also, see my palm tree back there? It got crushed when I moved back from Iowa, so my mom and I performed an emergency closed reduction on it:

My dad spotted my guitar and really just wanted to hold it and play with it. He's never played guitar before but he really seemed to be enjoying himself just picking at the strings. He also said something about how this weekend reminded him of during his residency, when he would come home on a Saturday post-call and my mom would be home with us little babies, and we would all lounge around and nap all day and it was like, something he always looked forward to. My parents are classic 1st-generation parents; they love you and they're proud of you and vice versa, but sometimes you feel like you'll all never exactly understand each other. They rarely talk about their past so I like it when my dad shares stuff like that.

After they took off yesterday Shanmugam and I sat around watching Game 3 of the Cardinals/Mets series. The Cardinals have a player named Albert Pujols (pronounced Poo-holes), and everytime he comes up to bat, I have the great satisfaction of saying his name over and over again.

R: Poo-holes!!! POO-HOLES!!!!

S: Silence.


S: You must stop that. Right now.


S: Speaking of poo-holes, I just saw Jackass 2, and there was this scene where--

R: Ok, Ok, I'll stop!!! Just please don't tell me about it.

Later that night Maria, Jeannie, and Gaya came over and we watched the Project Runway marathon and ate a whole bag of Hint-of-Lime tortilla chips. Ahh..salty, limey, crispy corn perfection. After that Maria and I were feeling particularly motivated so we walked down the block to try out a new club, DeLaCosta. I have a feeling I'll be going there a lot, just because it's so closeby. It seemed like a fun place that kept its kitchen open late, which I love. Afterwards we were still hungry so we went by White Hen and got a pizza, which we then prepared and ate. Shanmugam and his friends got home just as we were making our pizza and said he needed "Buffalo wings. Stat." Hee. Also, DQ and I are back on good terms with each other again and had an excellent, if not completely intoxicated, late night conversation last night.

Currently thinking about: Product Red. I guess the idea with this campaign is that consumers are going to spend their money on unnecessary crap and corporations are going to keep raking in billions no matter what, so if celebrities put their publicity to a brilliant use for this campaign, maybe we can exploit this consumerism to raise some funds and awareness for people needing anti-retroviral therapy in Africa.

I completely understand this and think Bono is awesome for using his celebrity and talent for good, not evil, [ahem, Paris Hilton, I am so looking at you] but I feel so jaded on the idea of a multinational corporation being motivated by anything other than its own greed. They've got Gap, Motorola, Apple, and Armani, among others. I guess it's supposed to be a win-win: they'll continue to make money [even more money] and some of it will go to benefit someone in need. I personally am really turned off by all of it, and can't help but feel like in the end, consumers are just being scammed, and will Product Red really significantly alter the mortality rate from AIDS in Africa? Honestly, I'd rather donate my money to the NIH than buy some stupid overpriced t-shirt from the Gap made by some Maldivan sweatshop worker who got paid 11 cents to sew it together. How much actually goes into buying the drugs? Will there be an infrastructure set up to educate people on appropriate usage and monitor adverse drug reactions? Is this going to be like what happened back in 2004 when Dubya vetoed a deal agreed to by 143 WTO members to export generic HAART drugs from India in favor of far more expensive patented US versions? Are we totally playing into the hands of the pharmaceutical industry (Dubya's #1 campaign contributor) if Product Red money is used to buy their expensive drugs? Sometimes I hate being such a fuckin' cynic. Why can't I applaud this as an excellent cause and just be happy that it's getting attention? Probably because it feels so damn good to be right all the time.

Besides, these are some butt-ass ugly jeans.


ennis said...

Ahem. Just announced an SM meetup for Saturday afternoon. You in?

Delfino Rules said...

Good to see you back and writing again. Hilarious.