Tuesday, October 31, 2006

OMG. We are turning into my parents.

Yesterday Shanmugam and I went grocery shopping, and I had the deeply disturbing revelation that I am my dad, and Shanmugam is my mom. I clandestinely used my phone to take pictures of Shanmugam in various action-grocery shots [examining nutritional content of econo-sized jug of Juicy Juice "Only 15% real juice. No good", figuring out which bottle of ketchup was the best deal "This one comes with a rebate!", thoughtfully perusing the multitude of different salsas "You see, Chichi's is the superior dipping salsa, while Pace goes better on a burrito." People are really funny to watch at the grocery store. We'll spend $12 on a drink at a bar at the drop of a hat but AGONIZE over whether the brand name chocolate syrup are worth 80 cents more than the generic.] but forgot how to operate my phone correctly evidently because I came home and found no pictures. I was buying big plastic cartons of iced tea [they were 2/$6] until Shanmugam asked me why I was buying 2 and not just 1. I insisted you had to get both to get the deal, until Shanmugam said [and I quote verbatim], "It's a little known secret of grocery shopping that you in fact don't have to buy both to get the deal." Walks away muttering and shaking head. "That's just embarassing."

And...Happy Halloween! At some point I'll get off my lazy ass and go scan in pictures of myself dressed as Gangsta Bitch Barbie from like 4 years ago. I used to be young and fun.

Currently: booking flights for my interviews. Ohmygod ya'll. Flights are expensive.

Celebrity Gossip Update: Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon are OVER. Oh my land! This is sort of sad actually -- I really liked them, what with the having of the babies, and him supporting her very successful career.


trAcy said...

no, some stores really do charge per piece at the usual rate if you do not buy their recommended quantity. it's happened to me.

besides, if it's a good deal, getting two of the item makes sense anyway, unless it's cilantro or other things that don't last. you're only going to buy it again at the higher rate later.

MudPhud Girl said...

wait WHAT?! They split?! *sigh*

Reese and Ryan...or rather, Reese and not Ryan. Ryan...you shame Delaware buddy. Boo.